This amazing group of photographers are a great example of what creativity achieves when you are having fun! They show you how to accomplish great photos using simple tricks. With crazy effects and tricks, we are sure you will enjoy learning from amazing creators!

Here are the list of 38 crazy fun photo Tricks in the Video:

  1. Dreamy Scene with Vegetables
  2. Colorful Slinky
  3. Water Balloon Bash
  4. Spinning Water Ball
  5. Falling Dice
  6. Camera Through Smartphone Camera
  7. Toilet Surprise
  8. Heart Light
  9. Through the Page
  10. Ice Cubes Under Glass
  11. Shadow Pinch
  12. Broom Ride
  13. Hand on Hand
  14. Water Glass Kitten
  15. On Track
  16. Fake Magic Moon
  17. Under Foot
  18. Nested Eggs
  19. Cat Galaxy
  20. Towel Scene
  21. Magic Wand
  22. Look Up
  23. Tight Rope
  24. Mirror Fun
  25. The Penguin
  26. Newspaper Wings
  27. Ribbon of Light
  28. Smartphone on Smartphone
  29. Circle of Light
  30. Glowing Samurai
  31. Flying Letters
  32. Forced Perspective Car
  33. Bubble Trouble
  34. Orange Crate Portrait
  35. King Kong
  36. Face to Face
  37. Aliens
  38. Spinning Wet Balls

38 Brilliant Photo Tricks to Try Over The Hoidays

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