Photography is one of the most rewarding fields you can work in. Being a photographer is extremely soothing on a personal level, but also on an interpersonal level. It is a career that frees the mind and the soul. 2020 has been a challenging year for photographers because it has brought physical restrictions, but it has also been a year of opportunity. Let’s find out why.

2020 - The Year of the Photographer

Socially Distanced Photography Courses

In 2020, you don’t have to be physically present in a class somewhere to learn about photography. In fact, this year is the best possible year to take up an online photography class. You can put the extra time we have to spend at home to very good use and build the foundation of your career. These courses follow an extensive curriculum and you will receive a certification when you finish them, which will serve you greatly in the future. Learning the theoretical aspects of photography, as well as the particularities of each type of photography will help you bring your future creations to life.

Relieve Stress and Build Connections

This year has been significantly more stressful than the past ones, which has made relaxation and stress relief more important than ever. As a photographer, you get to do that on a daily basis. Expressing yourself artistically every single day you work helps you relieve stress consistently and build your path towards fulfillment. Additionally, you get to work with others. While some projects can be carried out by the photographer alone, others require working with models. Photographing somebody is a very intimate act. It is an opportunity to get to know people in a very deep manner and connect with them all in the name of art.

Start a Future-Oriented Career

As the cameras on our phones have become more and more advanced, the role of a photographer has changed. People don’t need photographers anymore to get good pictures. A quick snap with their phones and an Instagram filter can make anything ready for social media attention. While this might seem like a negative aspect for photographers, the reality of it is quite different. People see tens or hundreds of mediocre photographs every single day, which makes the few professional ones stand out. Moreover, the artistic ones that have a message to transmit to the viewers can make their statement that much clearer.

The past decade has clearly raised the bar in photography, but it has also solidified its role in the future. People need professional photographs for special occasions, both personal and professional and now they have these services available in price ranges they can afford. Hiring a photographer is not an extravagance anymore, so the demand for photographers is actually expected to increase in the years to come.

Tools and Technology Are Easily Available

Professional photography gear has advanced greatly over the past decade. However, the differences between consecutive models are small enough to make last year’s tools perfectly suited for the needs of an aspiring photographer. In 2020, it is more affordable than ever to purchase the necessary tools for a photography studio. You can start with an entry or mid-level DSLR camera, a couple of lenses to cover your basic needs, a tripod, and some simple lights. Then, you can add more gear as you advance in your career and you experiment with various types of photography.

Time to Experiment

2020 has given the gift of time to many of us. Practicing social distancing is keeping us indoors more than ever, which can be a difficult transition. As an aspiring photographer, it is an excellent time to experiment. You can set up a small studio in your home and turn your ideas into reality. Macro photography is particularly suited for home studios, but so are portrait and product photography. You can then sit comfortably in front of your computer and edit your pictures to perfection. Editing can take up a lot of time to master, so what better time than this to sharpen your skills?

2020 is a year that we will never forget, so make it memorable for something else than the pandemic! Make it the year you’ve started your path to being a photographer! Make it a year of creation, of artistic expression, and of personal and professional development! Good luck!

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