Here we are sharing an amazing video tutorial about Camera Settings from Phlearn. This video provides in-depth detailed information about Camera Settings and more. Hope you will enjoy this tutorial.

10 Common Camera Settings Questions for Photography Beginners

Here are the list of questions answered in the below video by Aaron Nace:

  1. What is the difference between the different metering modes and how do you use them in different situations?
  2. What is bracketing and what are some of the ways we can use it effectively?
  3. Should we always shoot in RAW format or JPEG once in a while? What are the benefits we can get if we did?
  4. What is ISO function on DSLR Camera? What is the difference between SLR and DSLR?
  5. When should and shouldn’t I use the In-Camera light meter?
  6. How do i use auto-focus in the right way?
  7. I tried to remove the lowpass filter from my Canon 5D Mark III and now it does not work anymore. What do I do?
  8. Can you explain how exposure works? I noticed that changing my exposure settings changes my other camera settings too and I don’t know why?
  9. What setting is best for avoiding noise & grain in photos of medium to low light settings? Or is shutter speed a more important factor than ISO?
  10. What does Back Light Illumination (BLC) mean? I observed that it makes the image brighter. But, can’t I do that with manual exposure?

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