Colorful and the aura of India clearly visible within every frame here. Karthi Raveendiran starts fluently and scores more efficiently with his art works. His presence is amiable and sends a chill across the art streams as we keep looking at his work. Someone who loves to travel and can appreciate the fruitfulness of humanity can do wonders with photography and here is a certain example. Let us wish this wonderful talent a world of good and long roads ahead.

Karthi KN Raveendiran – Inspiring Photographer From India

Could you Please Introduce yourself?

I am karthikn raveendiran, a software engineer by profession from Chennai, India ; who took camera 4 years back. love to Travel and Click the Beautiful Things around me.

How did photography happen to you?

Its not at a single point, I love colours and do drawings/sketches in my free time. By looking on the various colourful artistic photographs, I thought photography will help me to capture the scene and can preserve the art and make people experience the same so I bought a camera and yes I was fascinated with the angle, views/Perspective that different lenses produce which made me completely moved towards photography and became my passion.

How did you get interest about people photography?

Beyond nature, Everything around us were by the people for the people! I feel happiness in capturing people. No specific reason beyond that. Mostly I took single subject photographs. while taking a photograph I am not fully satisfied when I happened to see a beautiful scene/ activity in front of me without people in it.

One thing that photography had taught you over the years?

Photography taught me this “There is always another angle ! better try by that!“

According to Karthi what does it take to make a good photograph?

There are lot of things which makes a good photograph first it should engage me for sometime next it should bring out some emotion when I look on that photograph, that emotion can be anything like happiness, sad, anger,curiosity.. and the best one should make me feel being there to experience the beauty of the landscape, feel the expression of the people, to see the situation that really happened there.

Your favourite photographers?

Its always Ay Ashok Saravanan. whose photographs woos me into photography and I love Steve Mc Curry and Sebastiao Salgado’s works. these two people did everything on the people photography decades before.

What are some of your favourite books on photography?

I am not fond of books. But its always best to hold a hard copy in the hand and feel the print. I was lucky enough to experience them through my friends, and the list includes:

Among them Workers is the best if you look for compositions on the People Photography ! Amazing view of Salgado will inspire everyone. its Digital Age! everyday I view lot of photographs thorough internet and learn from them ! from basic camera settings to high end processing and techniques I learn from photographers around the world through internet.

Your Gear?

I own a Nikon D7000 body and and 50mm 1.8 D lens.

Any final thoughts for our readers?

Keep Clicking ! that makes a photographer happy and will definitely take you to many places. Have good friends around you who shares same passion.

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