Giles Clement loves to keep things classic. The Nashville-based photographer loves to produces dramatic portraiture with equipment that was made more than 160 years ago.

While Giles Clement talking with Instagram blog, “Even after shooting full time for 16 years, I still get a little kick of adrenaline each time I make a good image.” The Nashville, Tennessee, native specializes in tintype photography — one of the earliest (and most complicated) photo processes made popular in the 1860s. “Each image takes 10 minutes to make, a bunch of equipment and a huge amount of light,” Giles says. The limitations of tintype — and its sister process ambrotype — might deter some, but Giles embraces its challenges: “All of my gear is old and well used, my lenses have scratches and my cameras are missing a screw or two, but all of this makes for images that are slightly imperfect — just the way I like them.”

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