Here are the 30 interesting photos that will give you new perspective on thigs, places and events. When you see these images the first time you will think something and in a second look, the perspective will change. These images are unusual phenomenons, and it’s amazingly captivating.

The subreddit called Alternate Angles and it’s strictly dedicated to images that make you look twice. Check out a collection of the alternate angles photos shared in this online group in the gallery below!

Scroll down and enjoy yourself. All photos are linked and lead to the sources from which they were taken. Please feel free to explore further works of these photographers on their collections or their personal sites.

#1 Sunset From Space

Image source: valenTD925

#2 Underside Of A Horseshoe Crab

Image source: rfc1118

#3 The Sphinx From Above

Image source: Adventurous_Self_995

#4 An Elephant Trunk Seen From Below

Image source: PatatasFrittas

#5 Mount Rushmore Before The Presidents Were Carved In. It Was Called Six Fathers At This Point

Image source: Craigsandrew

#6 Albert Einstein Before His Famous Photo With His Tongue Out

Image source: applejuicegrape

#7 The Iconic Photo Of Michael Jordan Which Turned Into The Logo

Image source: Blueblanketboy5

#8 Forbidden Angle

Image source: Jack7074

#9 Not Sure If This Counts But, The Grand Canyon View From A Plane

Image source: LexiaRaikkonen

#10 William D. Nuñez Took This Picture Of Aa Flight 175 On September 11th, Seconds Before The Plane Hit The South Tower

Image source: Kaffine69

#11 Saturn’s North Pole Is A Hexagon

Image source: ignotuswithapurpose

#12 Michelangelo’s ‘The Creation Of Adam’ As Seen On The Sistine Chapel Ceiling

Image source: John-Piece

#13 A Photo Of Central Park During The Great Depression (1933)

Image source: Kaffine69

#14 I’d Never Seen This Angle Of The Sydney Opera House And It Looked Different To Me

Image source: OutdoorSandwich

#15 The 15 Mile-Long Shadow Of Mt. Fuji In Japan

Image source: obviousoctopus

#16 New York’s Manhattan Without Skyscrapers

Image source: Okama_G_Sphere

#17 Under A Mushroom Cap

Image source: PatatasFrittas

#18 Golden Gate Bridge Under Construction

Image source: Blueblanketboy5

#19 The Space Shuttle From The Top

Image source: InsufficientFrosting

#20 Venice From Above

Image source: idk_what_a_name_is

#21 Aerial View Of Over 400,000 People At The Woodstock, 1969

Image source: SeasonedTimeTraveler

#22 The Inside Of A Cello

Image source: starwoodpeel

#23 Hedgehog Getting An X-Ray

Image source: streepke

#24 World, Pacific Ocean View

Image source: Blueblanketboy5

#25 The Oval Office Between Presidents

Image source: fonziefonz

#26 Great Pyramid Of Giza (From The Sky)

Image source: del_454

#27 I’ve Never Walked Directly Under An Electricity Pylon Before! There’s Some Brilliant Symmetry

Image source: CondemnedHog

#28 A Flying Giant Squirrel From India (Petaurista Philippensis) Caught In The Act On A Sunny Day

Image source: PatatasFrittas

#29 News Anchor From The Other Angle

Image source: bkuri

#30 Cars Never Claimed From Giants Stadium Commuter Lot After 9/11

Image source: ilovebostoncremedonu

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