A cat with a face that is two different colors is typically called a chimera cat. A chimera cat is one cat that started out as two. Chimera cats have two sets of DNA because a pair of embryos fused together early in the mother’s womb. So, chimera kittens are born with their own individual DNA, plus the DNA from a second embryo.

However, this rare marking can also manifest on non-chimera cats. Such is the case for Narnia, an adorable French cat who became an internet sensation due to his split face. When people saw his photos on Instagram back in 2018, people were quick to assume that the cute double-faced kitten was a chimera cat. A feline chimera is a kitty whose cells contain two types of DNA which contributes to their exotic split face feature.

Now Narnia has fathered two kittens that have each taken their fur color from either side of Narnia’s face. The siblings, gray-haired Phoenix and black-haired Prada, have surely gone fifty-fifty on getting the best of their dad’s good looks. What a double marvel!

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