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Shooting the Strangers – Tips & Examples


Shooting the strangers is one of the great thrills a street or travel photographer would look forward to. The faces which are uncommon, provoking a sudden response within you, unique and sharp features inside […]


Street Photography Tips and Techniques by Thomas Leuthard


Thomas Leuthard, one of the well known Street Photographers around the world. He loves to take pictures on the streets, where he is able to transform the life into his Shots. In this article […]


Interview with Street Photographer Thomas Leuthard


What made you choose Street Photography? I was always interested in humanity, but not in fashion, beauty and “posed” photography. When I was in Beijing 4 years ago I figured out that there is […]


35 Awesome Examples of Cinematic Photography


There is no particular rule to define Cinematic Photography. A Cinematic shot looks as a frame that could be taken from a movie. The mood, lighting, atmosphere, characters are really important for this particular […]


Candid Photography – How to shoot Excellent Candids


Candid Photography is nothing but “catch people in the act of being themselves“. The goal of candid photography is not to grab pictures surreptitiously, with your subjects completely unaware that their picture is being […]