If you have amassed an impressive collection of personal photos on your Instagram grid over the years, you may have considered turning your virtual feed into a physical memory in the form of a photobook. It can, however, be difficult to decide on a theme with so many to choose from depending on whether your photobook will be a personalised gift, a unique coffee table book, or a personal memento. To find out what themes might inspire you to turn photos from your Instagram feed into a photobook, continue reading.

Turn Photos From Your Instagram Feed

A year-in-review

If you enjoy nothing more than scrolling through your Instagram feed at the end of the year and reminiscing on the best memories you shared with both new and old friends alike, a year-in-review can be a great way to create Instagram photobooks that remind you of happy occasions you shared and encourage you to focus on the good as opposed to the bad. This can also allow you to compare your year against past years and decide whether you are happy with what you achieved or whether you would have done anything differently had you been given the opportunity. It can include photos taken at a birthday party, during a graduation ceremony, on vacation, or even just a fun-filled cinema trip or day spent lazing at the beach.

A photo a day

If you enjoy taking photos and posting them online for your friends and family members to see, a photo a day can allow you to observe how something or someone is changing over time. This can include the growth of a young member of your family, a particular street as the seasons change from month to month, or even your changing hair length throughout the year. It may not necessarily sound that exciting but by observing how much something has changed within a single year as physical photos are laid out in front of you, you may be inspired to repeat the challenge with a different subject every year.

Turn Photos From Your Instagram Feed

A single colour

If you have structured your Instagram feed so that your entire grid is the same colour, this may also translate well in the form of a physical photobook as a great way for you to get creative and challenge yourself. If your favourite colour is green, for example, attempting to capture different colours, shades, and hues of green every day may end up being easier or harder than you originally anticipated as you find yourself noticing things you never noticed before whilst sharpening your existing photography skills in the process. This can also help you understand what your favourite colour is and why.

A year in seasons

If you have ever found yourself in awe at how the world can change around you throughout the year, a year in seasons can be a great way to look back on some of your best snapshots from your time outdoors during the past year and compile them into a physical photobook for your future self to look back on and admire. This can be photos of the same view as it naturally flows and transitions from season to season or different views with a beach perfectly reminiscent of summer and a snowy field flawlessly conveying winter, for example. It can also be a great coffee table book or personalised gift for a friend or loved one that is familiar with the local area or the geographical locations you have immortalised in physical form.

Turn Photos From Your Instagram Feed

If you are considering turning your Instagram feed into a photobook, it may be worth taking the time to familiarise yourself with some common themes that might inspire you to take the plunge and do so. This includes a year-in-review, a photo a day, a single colour, and, last but certainly not least, a year in seasons with the latter also doubling as a great coffee table book for you or for a friend or family member.

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