Photographer Kirk Mastin explaining about how to process digital photo look like film using Lightroom. This tutorial will be very useful for any photography beginners. Thaks for watching, please follow Kirk Mastin for more amazing tips.

Make Your Digital Images Look Like Film - Lightroom Tutorial for Beginners
© Kirk Mastin

Lightroom How-to: Make your digital images look like film

Kirk Mastin shoot as much film as possible, but sometimes he need to shoot digital images with his Canon 5D MK II. Hi goal with digital images is to have them match as closely as possible my film images. Here is one way he do that.

Key points:

  • Don’t overwork the image
  • Neutral color temperature is the goal
  • Low contrast, low black point: subtle contrast is best
  • Don’t use actions or textures
  • Expose to the right (overexpose) for the original RAW image
  • Unblock and lengthen the tonal range by increasing brightness slider
  • Correct lens distortion with the correct lens profile


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