In this video Romanian photographer Toma Bonciu is talking about how to avoid seven common mistakes in Black and White landscape photography. Toma Bonciu is known for stunning images, helpful instructional videos, and popular tours and workshops.

Many of history’s greatest photographers gained their fame making b&w landscape images. With today’s modern cameras, and the digital darkroom, most of the goals remain the same but techniques often differ.

7 Mistakes discussed in the video:

  • Mistake #1: Converting a photo with a colorful atmosphere
  • Mistake #2: Flag images don’t work well as Black and White Photos
  • Mistake #3: Don’t take away the magic
  • Mistake #4: Convert a photo that have almost the same color all over the place
  • Mistake #5: Don’t convert to black and white sunsets or sunrises
  • Mistake #6: Just because it’s the middle of the day, not every photo will be perfect for a Black and White conversion
  • Mistake #7: Look for intimate compositions that are simple and that benefit from an interesting light or light pattern.

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7 Mistakes in Black and White Landscape Photography

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