This is so refreshing, a fresh graduate who loves to capture the beautiful moments in everyday life. Meet Thahnan Ferdous from Dhaka, who captures magical moments all wide angled, reflecting the fruitful lives of his country people.

The most beautiful part of this portfolio is his serene attitude which is ultimately reflected in the artist’s work. The photographs are a genre of its own kind, clean and fresh, giving you every other glimpse of the beautiful country side of Bangladesh filled with the most lovable people. Above all, Thahnan doesn’t miss out to capture the true innocence and greens of his people and land.

Thahnan Ferdous - Amazing People Photographer from Bangladesh

Hi Thahnan, can you please introduce yourself?

I am Thahnan ferdous a fresh graduate, who comes from the city of Dhaka, Bangladesh. Photography is my passion and I believe that there is no real need to try and explain who I am. My work is a reflection of my past, and my current state of mind.

How did photography happen to you?

During my teenage, I saw one of my cousin who took photo’s of street people and scenario which slowly inspired me to take photography seriously.

In your words what makes People Photography so special?

Photography shows people how you can be happy, how we could share our happiness through all those small things in our society. It also teaches us how to travel to places beyond boundaries and to broaden our mind to see how our nature is so beautiful. Finally, Photography teaches us how to interact with people so closely, for me these are special things indeed.

How do you choose your subjects while you shoot?

My choice of photography is subjective from small things of our surroundings to people’s color of life. When I take a photograph, I focus on color and beautiful moment from their life which is too small for general people but for me, it is everything.

For Thahnan, what does it take to make a good photograph?

I feel it happens with practice, the more you shoot the better you can come to know what it actually means to take a good photograph.

What do you want your viewers to take away from your work?

I always want to make some destinations, moments and magical thoughts which is captured forever which no one can ever change. For me Photography is not only capturing beautiful images, it’s also a whole life story, my soul and objects which I see, which you’ll feel in my photographs and those are going to be immortal. It’s all about imagining in one’s own way. Beauty lies in everything and that’s what I search for when I observe anything. It describes the way I think about everything I see. It describes my life. I’m lost wanderer’s soul, I love to be in such places where one has never imagined.

Your Gear?

My camera gear is Canon 5D classic. Lens 28-80 mm, 50mm, 75-300mm. I think that it’s not a big deal what my gear is, these are mere tools to express what I feel to capture a photograph.

Your favorite Photographers?

My favorite photographer are Pronov Ghosh, Saud Al Faisal and Steve McCurry. They are my big inspiration in my photography carrier.

Any final thoughts for our readers?

You can take your photograph in your own view and represent yourself by your photography.

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