Beautiful portfolio, I should say. Joanna Mrowka is a Polish Photographer, her love for travel and street photography is clear when we start to spend some time with her photographs. Interesting compositions with extraordinary balance between light and shadows makes her works very compelling and inspirational. Decisive moments and subtle emotions inside these simple photographs makes you wonder about the photographers reflexes altogether.

Joanna’s balance doesn’t end there, being a mother of 3 kids she explains us what it takes to play both the games exceptionally well. Lets get to hear more from Joanna.

Joanna Mrowka - Fantastic Photographer From Poland

Can you please introduce yourself?

I’m a Member of SDP (Polish Association of Journalist). I work at University of Economics in Cracow in Department of Mathemathic. I have three children. It keeps me quite busy.

How did this love for photography happen?

I dreamt about camera when I was a child. I got it when I was in elementary school and the advanture started.

What mostly catches your eye in streets?

I love to take pictures of people, ordinary people. I enjoy color and light mostly. I try to make multi layers photographies but it’s still before me.

What does it feel like to be a Travel photographer, how does it take a beat on your personal Life?

I can travel only during holidays taking my kids with me. Trying to join my passion with family and job is not easy but possible.

For Joanna, what does it take to make a good photograph?

Luck. But you need to help it. Walk and keep eyes open.

Your gear?

Nikon d610 and 24-70 mm.

Your Inspiration?

Any advice for aspiring photographers?

Watch good photography and practice as much as you can.

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