One of the Masters of Underwater photography. Dmitry Laudin is from Moscow, Russia born in January, 25th, 1968. He started photography professionally just since 2007. Using the varied possibilities of Digital Photography, and image processing he continues to show us the beauty and harmony of everlasting nature and woman.

What made you get interested in Underwater Fine art Photography?

I have started to be engaged in a photo in 2007 when I was 39 years old. I have met the woman whom has fallen in love. It became my inspiration. I loved water always. In 2010 there was very hot summer. I had a rest on Black sea in the Abkhazian Republic. The sea was very quiet and water was surprisingly transparent. I have bought cheap aquapac and began to shoot portraits under water. The result has surpassed my expectations! I was very happy with result! Since then I remove under water.

Your Inspiration and motive behind your growth as a Photographer?

Shooting in style of the Nu always inspired me. Under water the woman looks even finer! Transparent water, the woman and inspiration!

Awards & Achievements

  • 21st Trierenberg Super Circuit 2012 (Austria) Gold Medal Special Themes
  • 20th Trierenberg Super Circuit 2012 (Austria) Gold Medal Special Themes
  • 19th Trierenberg Super Circuit 2012 (Austria) Gold Medal Special Themes

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