Renowned Dutch nature photographer Roeselien Raimond who expert in capturing amazing photos of wild foxes. Below photos are finest example how wild foxes are experts at enjoying the little things in life.

When Roeselien Raimond told Bored Panda in an interview:

“I love them best when they’re totally at ease: free from pain, fear, cold, hunger or any other discomfort. Of course they have their duties calling as well. But once that rabbit is consumed, the territory defined and taken care of important things like procreation and upbringing, it’s time to relax.

There’s a contradiction going on when it comes to capturing Zen Foxes: the harder you try, the more you’ll move away from your goal. If you are too eager, an animal will sense that eagerness and will remain alert, Raimond said. I learned to do as foxes do, just being there and see what might happen. And in the mean time, I just enjoy smelling some fresh air and feeling the sun on my skin.”

You can find Roeselien Raimond on th Web: Website, Facebook, 500px

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