British artist and photographer Lexi Laine captured magical underwater fine art photos that will blow your mind. Her pictures of women swimming in crystal clear waters look like delicate baroque paintings and led us to a magical and ethereal atmosphere.

In her words about this series “There is no place where I’m more happy than when I’m in water. Sea swimming, exploring wild environments or even simply exercising in pools. I, like so many people, have a draw to the water that is hard to explain. I think it must have something to do with our evolution as humans, it is believed that all life once originated in the ocean after all. In my imagery, water represents how different this part of our world is from the places we typically inhabit.

One of the things I love about shooting underwater is how the water itself is a means to defy gravity. It can hold the figures suspended in space and it can allow them to slowly rise as if flying towards the heavens. More often than not, my photographs celebrate the beauty of this otherworldly place but with this often comes the sadness of how we as humans mistreat this vital resource.”

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