Street Photography is a wonderful art of documenting People at their very surrounding or environment where they happen to belong. Leaving beside the tales of Great Master Photographers throughout the century all over the globe, let us point our interest towards some fresh talents who are doing exceptionally well in this Wonderful genre of Photography, Here we provide you a list of 25 Best Indian Street Photographers!

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Dhiraj Singh

Dhiraj singh, a photojournalist and editor based in Mumbai. His Photographs are certainly different with a touch of art and sensitivity. Fantastic Contrast with great mood, wonderful timing is what Dhiraj Singh’s Photography is about.

Dhiraj Singh - The Best Indian Street Photographers

Poras Chaudhary

Coming from a very small city from North India, Kurekshetra, Poras Chaudhary is an excellent freelance Photojournalist and a fantastic documentary photographer. His Pictures are stunning in colors and even more colors. Has won several awards and accolades.

Poras Chaudhary - The Best Indian Street Photographers

Amit Madheshiya

Being a English Literature graduate from New Delhi, Amit Madheshiya is a renowned Documentary and Independent Photographer. His Pictures are statements of life, their struggles and yet the joy and happiness within every soul. Winner of World Press Award in Arts and Entertainment.

Amit Madheshiya - The Best Indian Street Photographers

Senthil Kumaran

Been a Software Professional, and later quit to pursue his passion in Photography. Senthil Kumaran, started as a freelancer and has later won many grand International Awards. His Pictures are stark and hard truth of the Society today.

Senthil Kumaran - The Best Indian Street Photographers

Siddharth Jain

Pictures from day to day life, the ones which not every body could see or dare to shoot. Meet Siddharth Jain, whose works has been greatly received globally.

Siddharth Jain

Arindam Mukherjee

Being a Freelance Photojournalist from Kolkatta, Arindam Mukherjee has worked with many designers and NGO’s. He then started getting interested in Street Photography, and then it became a huge passion, which can be well seen in his pictures.

Arindam Mukherjee  - The Best Indian Street Photographers

Kaushal Parikh

One of the few People who has succeeded in taking the form of Street Photography to next level of Art. His Pictures are extraordinary in every aspect. Meet Kaushal Parikh is a Travel and Documentary Photographer from Mumbai.

Kaushal Parikh - The Best Indian Street Photographers

Prateek Dubey

Prateek Dubey his pictures has the very unique smell of the streets, the flavor in which he saw the scene is readily available in his Pictures. Do check out his Interview with us in the Interview Section.

Prateek Dubey - The Best Indian Street Photographers

Chirodeep Chaudhuri

Uniqueness with a great sense of creativity and exceptional composition. Chirodeep Chaudhuri is a one of the finest street photographer in India. Don’t miss to checkout his portfolio.

Chirodeep Chaudhuri - The Best Indian Street Photographers

Senthil Nathan

Senthil Nathan G, based in Chennai has worked as a Photojournalist for numerable Publications. His Pictures has a sense for composition and humor . Currently is working with European press-photo Agency.

Senthil Nathan - The Best Indian Street Photographers

Prantik Mazumder

Prantik Mazumder, being a self-taught photographer hails to have come from Kolkata.Currently is in states, his pictures are amazing in values of composition with splendid interlude of shadows.

Prantik Mazumder - The Best Indian Street Photographers

Sohrab Hura

Daily life with great emotional value and a bit of stark and truth. This is Sohrab Hura for us, his pictures depict the state of being of people and their environment.

Sohrab Hura - The Best Indian Street Photographers

N. Jaisingh

Jaisingh, coming from a rural background from Tamil Nadu. He wanted to do Photography and since then had captured wonderful portraits, before he entered into Film Industry too working as a Assistant Cinematographer for some years

N. Jaisingh - The Best Indian Street Photographers

Suyog Gaidhani

Street with its varied colors,forms,lives,light and shadows. This is Suyog Gaidhani for all. Look out for his best works in our showcase section.

Suyog Gaidhani - The Best Indian Street Photographers

Biswajit Kumar

Very Independent Photographer, Biswajit Kumar is from Kolkata. His Pictures are strong in colors and the relation they play with the characters involved are deeply visible.

Biswajit Kumar - The Best Indian Street Photographers

Arindam Thokder

Arindam Thokder, a street Photographer from Bangalore, has great interests and passion in recording the daily life, the conflicts and the social issues within our society.

Arindam Thokder - The Best Indian Street Photographers

Soham Gupta

Soham gupta, mainly specializes in documenting various aspects of society. Be it the lives of people in brick kilns to steps to empower children. His Photographs are valuable contribution.

Soham Gupta - The Best Indian Street Photographers

Prashant Godbole

The Art Sting again, Prashant Godbole’s Pictures are sensational be it in Light, composition and also timing. Wonderful fine art Street Photographer from Mumbai.

Prashant Godbole - The Best Indian Street Photographers

Arun Titan

There is this wonderful feel to the Nativity of Chennai and Tamil Nadu in Arun Titan’s Pictures. The sense of being there is already created with some great moments.

Arun Titan - The Best Indian Street Photographers

Vivek M

A Press Photographer from Time Out, Bangalore. Vivek M is a documentary and editorial Photographer whose pictures are wonderful in form of visualizing the essence of his city and beyond.

Vivek M - The Best Indian Street Photographers

Anoop Negi

A Street Photographer from Dehradun, Anoop Negi’s pictures makes one sense the culture and tradition rich India at its very best. Wonderful Colors and mood of celebration all over.

Anoop Negi - The Best Indian Street Photographers

Subhadeep Mondal

Hailing from Kolkata, Subhadeep Mondal has the very simplest attitude, whereas his photographs are rich in taste of street and the precious moments on streets.

Subhadeep Mondal - The Best Indian Street Photographers

Shivji Joshi

A Veteran Photographer and Philosopher in religion. Shivji’s are Pictures are wonderful vision to the deserts of the country with a eye for art and composition.

Shivji Joshi  - The Best Indian Street Photographers

Satyaki Basu

Yet another from the City of Photographer’s Kolkata, Satyaki Basu is a Doctor by profession who started to capture his culture rich city and his hobby later became more of a passion which is very much visible in his photographs.

Satyaki Basu - The Best Indian Street Photographers

Prasad Mahale

Prasad Mahale, is from Nagpur and currently lives in Mumbai. Wonderful vision with deep play of lights and shadows are very much his style.

Prasad Mahale - The Best Indian Street Photographers

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