Hi, I am Ashok Saravanan (Ayashok). I am a Computer Graduate from Karaikudi, Tamil Nadu. I started my career as a Graphic Designer. My everyday work in editing photographs got me curious about shapes, pictures & colors. My job profile was protracted to working with photos that I received and that got me to think of the expanse of unexplored realms around me. As my passion for pictures increased, so did my passion for photography. Today, you can always find me with a camera.

The Stepping Stone:
Like any kid, compulsion towards studying drove me to find all possible distraction techniques – sketching and painting, in my case. I wouldn’t say that I was a talented artist as a kid, but I never knew the depth of art and its contribution to everyday world. Slowly, wherever I turned, I saw art and pictures – in TVs, magazines, hoardings and so on. When I was old enough to make the decision, I chose to stay put with Arts and Design.

Photography Through My Eyes:
Honestly the best thing in being a photographer is to look at the world around in many different ways and admire its beauty. With my camera, I feel like I have a new pair of eyes. I now see beauty which I have missed before, lighting and colors around me that I never knew existed before.

I prefer keeping my images simple in composition and strong in emotion. I love to capture ‘The Moment’ and expose beauty in form of elements which many fail to notice in everyday life. Although I haven’t given a thought about limiting myself to a particular form or style in photography, capturing portraits is a close-to-heart personal liking. Recently, I have begun speaking my mind through ‘Black and White’ photographs.

How “Black and White” became?
“Black and White” is a showcase of photographs focusing on expressions, emotions and intricate elements that are often missed among colors. Black and White images, in my opinion, express richer reproductions of colored images by filtering out focus-diverting elements.

In my Opinion:
Like Albert Einstein, I believe that I have no special talents and I am only passionately curious.
I don’t know where I came from, but I definitely know where I am going, where to reach and how to reach there.

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