Macro Photography is the most interesting and popular photography. In Macro Photography, some photos might be of relatively large things — such as a sun flower or a beautiful bird — and others might be of very small objects, such as the compound eye of a fly or insect. Macro Photography requires lot of patience and different view with subjects.

Macro Photography requires special equipment like lenses, filters, flashes, etc. The Macro lenses produces 1:1 pictures, which means the image projected onto the sensor is exactly the same size as the physical subject.

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Below we present Beautiful Examples of Macro Photography. All photos are linked and lead to the sources from which they were taken. Please feel free to explore further works of these photographers on their collections or their personal sites.

Dragonfly, Indonesia
Photo Credit: Shikhei Goh

Photo Credit: Fabien BRAVIN

Its my way
Photo Credit: Krzysztof Winnik

Photo Credit: Shikhei Goh

Photo Credit: Ursula I Abresch

Super Ant
Photo Credit: Basheer Sheick-Yousif

Photo Credit: Andiyan Lutfi

Touch of Purple
Photo Credit: Eibo-Jeddah

Mushroom stairs
Photo Credit: Marius Aunvik

Morning workout
Photo Credit: Fabien BRAVIN

Red Morning
Photo Credit: Heidi Westum

Infinite longing
Photo Credit: Juliana Nan

Feel Free
Photo Credit: b.neeleman

Photo Credit: AimishBoy

Photo Credit: Hubert Kosmowski

Reveil imaginaire
Photo Credit: BLOAS Meven

Morning walk
Photo Credit: Szilvia Szeremy

Hello Winter
Photo Credit: violetkitty92

Photo Credit: Anthony Fahmi

Old Red Eyes
Photo Credit: Deviant Mind

Life inside a Snow Globe
Photo Credit: AimishBoy

Praying Mantis
Photo Credit: Basheer Sheick-Yousif

Bee flies
Photo Credit: Steven Briot

Last Hope
Photo Credit: sharkowskixchaos

Wasp portrait
Photo Credit: Tomas Rak

Lady Bird
Photo Credit: Janini (Zhana Topchieva)

The race
Photo Credit: Teguh santosa

A Bugs Life
Photo Credit: Gary Howells

Photo Credit: Andiyan Lutfi

Vibrant World
Photo Credit: Billie Jo Moscherosch

Photo Credit: Jimmy hoffman

Photo Credit: Ursula I Abresch

Photo Credit: Hasan Hizli

Photo Credit: Dedy gunawan

Break Dance
Photo Credit: Robertus A S