A Grand tribute to all our Flickr fans, who has been submitting their wonderful pictures to our group pool. We have decided to bring a post every month with some top pictures from our group pool. We hope this would be of great inspiration to the photographers out there. Keep Clicking and thanks a lot for all your support.

FAQ’s from our readers & fans

Q) I add my photographs in the group regularly . After adding photos it says ” If they are approved by the group administrator, they will show up in the group pool. ” But , I never see them in the group pool.

We are really sorry if your picture didn’t make the cut, but we are really happy for your continuous effort and constant support for 121clicks.com. Regarding the selection of pictures, we do care about certain values for the selection process.

  • First & Foremost, aesthetic appeal of your picture.
  • We don’t lean towards any particular genre of photography.
  • Try to be Subjective with a good composition, if possible beautiful light; some more extra bit &of surprises!
  • Learn from the Photos which had already made it to the group pool!
  • And finally, try to show us something which we haven’t seen before, new to you, a photograph with a story, a portrait with an emotion, a landscape with light concluding photographs with an essence of art.
  • At the end of the day, We want both of us to improve and We are pretty confident about that!

Hope this answers it all & do take a look at these photographs which are highly inspirational!!

Please join our Flickr Group and submit your wonderful pictures.

Photo By: Suyog Gaidhani


Photo By: Fabrice Montembault


Photo By: Siddharthan Raman


Photo By: Swapnil Jedhe


Photo By: Anne


Photo By: Alfred Pleyer


Photo By: Karthi KN Raveendiran


Photo By: Aninda Kabir


Photo By: A F M Imran Khan


Photo By: Arun Titan


Photo By: Huzzatul Mursalin


Photo By: Peter Kool


Photo By: Raihan Parvez


Photo By: Alison McCauley


Photo By: Mahesh Balasubramanian


Photo By: Gabi Ben avraham


Photo By: Lukas Vasilikos


Photo By: Rohit Menon


Photo By: Karthi KN Raveendiran


Photo By: Ksenia Tsykunova


Photo By: Anirban Mukhopadhyay


Photo By: Berit Alits


Photo By: Jill Justus


Photo By: D Horton


Photo By: Liliya


Photo By: Sonya Khegay


Photo By: Sudharshun Gopalan


Photo By: Pierre Kroupensky


Photo By: Imran Kadir


Photo By: Sorrel Higgins


Photo By: Roeselien Raimond


Photo By: Kutub Uddin


Photo By: Alfred Pleyer


Photo By: Parowan496


Photo By: Thierry Hennet


Photo By: Tatsuo Suzuki


Photo By: Joanna Mrowka


Photo By: Yannis Bautrait


Photo By: Amir Hamja


Photo By: Andrew Watt


Photo By: Baste EssereLì


Photo By: Ignasi Raventós


Photo By: Wolf Ademeit


Photo By: Inadabi


Photo By: Pavel Gospodinov


Photo By: RHMImages


Photo By: Angelo Rodriguez


Photo By: Venkat


Photo By: Siddharth Sharma


Photo By: Andrea Bianco


Photo By: Bicky


Photo By: Rolland Flinta


Photo By: Pavel Apletin


Photo By: Jan Werner


Photo By: Ariela Bueno


Photo By: Frodi Brinks Photography


Photo By: Shams Sourav


Photo By: Svein Nordrum


Photo By: Mohammed Aashik


Photo By: Soula Palentza


Photo By: Naveen Gowtham


Photo By: Clément Jamet

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