There are millions of acquaintances inspiring us almost every second in this beautiful mighty world filled with knowledge and sources of it. Be it a Song, a wonderful story or a beautiful documentary there remains something which will be unknown, unseen, and surprising in every bit of it.

Take a few minutes to go through these scintillating documentary videos, and I am confident that it would show you numerous dimensions and endless possibilities to get inspired. This will inspire you and open you up to try out something new and astounding in photography, versatility and an individual voice for you to go far far away in various aspects of photography.

#1 Michael Kenna, a letter from Shinan

Michael Kenna, one of the master photographers in landscape photography in our era. Brilliant captures of silent nature evident in all of his work. Here he takes a beautiful adventurous journey to Shinan in Japan.

#2 Elliott Erwitt – Photographer

Listening from the master speaking about his stints as a photographer, his long journey, and tremendous passion. Elliot Erwitt speaks about his pictures, explains them, and shares many a lighter moment with us.

#3 Satyajit Ray talking about Cartier-Bresson

The first person to win an oscar for India, Ray a renowned cinematographer speaks about Cartier-Bresson, the ideas he learned and the vision he discovered in reading Bresson’s Pictures and a lot more.

#4 Steve McCurry Reflections

The legendary photojournalist and Magnum Photographer Steve McCurry spoke to about the stories behind some of his iconic photographs taken from around the world. Every image tells a story, but it’s rather special to hear it from the photographer.

#5 Nick Brandt Photography Exhibition at Hasted Kraeutler Gallery

Known for his majestic wildlife captures, Nick Brandt stands tall in this massive photo exhibition at Hasted Kraeutler Gallery. A must watch the video for all wildlife photographers.

#6 This Week: Sebastiao Salgado

The exhibition “Then and Now” at the David Brower Center in Berkeley features work by acclaimed photographer Sebastiao Salgado. Salgado is known for images that reveal the human condition — from laborers in Latin America to refugees from war and famine in Africa and elsewhere. In the tradition of social documentary photography, he often makes his work available to social change organizations, such as Doctors without Borders, Amnesty International, and UNICEF.

#7 Garry Winogrand – Photographer

Various documentary photographers along with Garry Winogrand speak about art in our times. Speaking about the values of film and the appropriate usage of them supporting art in every form.

#8 Steve Winter: On the Trail of the Tiger

Award-winning photographer Steve Winter documents the disappearance of Asian Tigers in India, Sumatra, and Thailand. Discusses about various measures to be taken in order to save this magnificent species.

#9 Google+: John Butterill’s Virtual Photo Walks

Photographer John Butterill discovered a way to share his photo walks through Google+ Hangouts. Almost immediately photographers around the world began volunteering to share their view of the world with people whose mobility was limited.

#10 Ashes and Snow- Feather to Fire

Gregory Colbert has taken us close to the animal spirits and the relationship between mankind and animals in every single frame in this spellbinding video.

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