There is never fire without a spark, and to get inspired and  channel your inspiration into some tremendous photo projects is always captivating and well received. Here we bring you a bunch of Documentaries on various disciplines. More than anything if these videos push you to bring a change in the lives of ailing people or to show the world a never seen scene of natural beauty or ask you to travel without knowing a destination, then we would consider both of us to be on the right path.


A Spell bounding documentary on the importance of Ganges and its journey to the great Himalayas.  The Voyage covering the extremes with some astounding Cinematography. A Must Watch!!


The Real Avatar: Mine – Story of a Sacred Mountain

What would be the result when a UK based mining company, starts to interrupt the lives of tribes of Niyamgiri and their sacred mountain. A Sensational Documentary!


Banking On Change – India

Meet this Bank Manager J.S.Parthibhan, unlike many he reaches numerous isolated villages, making many entrepreneurs and businessman providing them with lot of self respect. “You can talk about financial crisis, but the importance is cultivating people. If you do that, everything falls in to the right place”. – Parthibhan


Born into brothels (inicio)

Winner of several awards and grand recognition, Born into Brothels is a powerful documentary of the children in the red-light districts of Calcutta, where more of their mothers are prostitutes. Zana a New york-based photographer gives a camera to each one of them and makes them visualize and see through this unique pair of eyes and a lot more.


Roads to Kiarostami

A Very frank Interview with Abbas Kiarostami about his work journeys out of Tehran and everywhere, producing great photographs which are pure poetry!


Leftover from History by GMB Akash

A more brave and sensational documentary by GMB Akash, on the lives of a community of people in Bangladesh, addressing the hard lives and hard truth beyond.


Blood Diamonds – Sierra Leone

The Bloody stories of hard cut diamonds. The cause of civil wars in Western Africa the financial aids they receive. An Exclusive Documentary!


Afghanistan – touch down in flight

A beautiful documentary falling the thoughts this world has on the likes of Afghanistan, some spell bounding landscapes amidst nature with some beautiful people. A Wonderful Documentary indeed.



Serengeti – Story of a Leopard Family

A must-see documentary of a cheetah family less likely to survive the heats of Sahara, with numerous dangers waiting ahead! Can they survive?


The Wide Oceans – A Documentary

A beautiful world with beautiful oceans all around. Part thriller, part meditation on the vanishing wonders of the sub-aquatic world. This is an ecological documentary which is a visual treat!