It’s no surprise that TikTok is one of the most popular social media platforms in the world today. You can find regular lifestyle bloggers, as well as businesspeople, freelancers, sellers, and many others there. All users creating videos on this social network want to get into the recommendations, and to do that, you need to use trends, popular effects, and animations. In this article, we will discuss which TikTok editing app you can use for this and what specifically to try shooting.

Most Popular Animations for TikTok Videos

Editing Application

The first step to mastering trending content is to download a video editing app. Not all the programs available today on the market are worth your attention, but we can recommend one of the best TikTok editing apps called VJump. This program not only provides editing functionality but also includes hundreds of content ideas. You’ll also find instructions on how to create stop motion animation VJump, which is one of the current trends. We’ll delve into it in more detail shortly.

What Videos Are Trending Today?

It’s challenging to pinpoint TikTok’s exact algorithms, as sometimes even the most ordinary and unremarkable videos become super popular. However, by observing what modern bloggers are creating and what appears in recommendations, you can draw conclusions about the most popular video formats. Here are the primary ones:

  • Videos with intriguing animations. These could include sudden object stops, objects exiting the frame, or their abrupt appearance. These videos capture the viewer’s attention and make them wonder about the editing techniques, which leads to more views.
  • Sharp transitions. Frame changes are also highly popular on this platform. Dynamic videos with frequent image changes attract viewers. Therefore, trying different transitions in a TikTok video editor and posting them on your page is a good idea.
  • Costume change videos. These videos gather a significant number of views, especially when several outfits are changed within one video. Costume changes can be done in motion or with unique poses.

These are the most popular animation styles today that you can create using an app with TikTok video editing functionality. These formats work well for personal blogs, expert profiles, and various store pages. It’s important to experiment with different video types and monitor which format your audience prefers. Over time, you can choose the most effective video styles for your content. For inspiration and idea generation, you can always use programs like VJump, which we mentioned earlier.

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