In our previous post, we have announced the Winner and 5 Honorable Mentions. In this post we have selected Below Best Entries out of 1364 pictures in Beautiful Landscape Photography Contest. Pictures are displayed by Alphabetical Order. Thank you all for participation.

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Photographer Name : Amlan Sany
Title : Loney Boat
Description : Shot at Siliguri, West Bengal (India)


Photographer Name : Anjan Chanda
Title : Homecoming, Pin Valley
Description : Herds of sheep and cow are guided back home after day long grazing in the gentle slopes of the Pin valley — a tranquil moment to contemplate. Photo taken at: Mudh Village, in Pin valley (Himachal Pradesh), India.


Photographer Name : Apurba Das
Title : Silver River
Description : This images was taken in the month of October, 2011 at Nubra Valley, Ladak, India at early morning when the Sun is yet to rise from the opposite side of the mountain ranges.The beautiful river is flown to the mountain and the yellow clouds due to color of the early Sun which was reflected into the river opposite side of the Sun resulting natural reflector andcreatingwonderfullighting effect.


Photographer Name : Bavish Bavi
Title : A beautiful evening
Description : None


Photographer Name : Daniel Reddie
Title : Hemel and Aarde Valley (Heaven and Earth Valley)
Description : “Hemel and Aarde Valley” (Heaven and Earth Valley) near Hermanus, South Africa. HDR Landscape using 5 images, photographed on a Nikon D5100 with a Tamron 18 – 270mm f3.5 – 6.3 Lens.


Photographer Name : Deb Lahiri
Title : Birds of a Feather
Description : Pangong Lake at Ladakh (India-China Boarder) is considered to be a paradise for migratory birds. I found the brown-headed gulls flying in a flock for a little while and very quickly getting back to the blue water of the lake. I had to wait for long and waste many shots before I could capture a couple flying in the sky on the backdrop of a beautiful range of mountains.


Photographer Name : Dzung Viet Le
Title : The White Sand Dunes, Vietnam
Description : None


Photographer Name : Evgeni Dinev
Title : Sunset in the mountain
Description : The Central Balkan National Park lies in the heart of Bulgaria, nestled in the central and higher portions of the Balkan Range.


Photographer Name : Evgeniy Regulyan
Title : None
Description : None


Photographer Name : Tobias Gaulke
Title : Mercy
Description : Picture is titled “mercy” taken by me on August 12th, 2012. Location is the Swiss Alps, close to Furkapass, ca. 2400m above sea level.


Photographer Name : Jianwei Yang
Title : View of Mt. Sushkan from Picture Lake
Description : Took in August 5, 2012 on a trip to Mt. Baker, with a Sony A55 at 28mm, 0.003s, f/8, -0.3EV, and ISO 100.


Photographer Name : Jirawat Swangsri
Title : Fuji in spring
Description : During first week of spring every year cherry blossom which well known as Sakura will full bloom one week a year only. Mount Fuji the highest mountain in Japan at 3,776.24 m. and last erupted in 1707-08, it rather rare moment of complete clear atmosphere particular to see the top part perfectly. This also special period of the year that be able to composed great Fuji mountain with Sakura both unique symbol of Japan in the same image. Location : Kawakujiko lake.


Photographer Name : Girish K B
Title : Village green landscape
Description : None


Photographer Name : Kuntal Paul
Title : A view of Pangong Lake, India
Description : Taken during my trip to Pangong Lake in Ladakh, India


Photographer Name : Len Chung
Title : None
Description : None


Photographer Name : Mike Kochalski
Title : None
Description : None


Photographer Name : Peter Paul
Title : Yucca and dunes at Sunset, White Sands, New Mexico, USA
Description : This is an image that I took at White Sands National Park, NM, while traveling across the US in the late 90’s.


Photographer Name : Piet Flour
Title : Lonely Planet
Description : September landscape in tuscany. When the humans have finished harvesting they leave an almost naked landscape behind.


Photographer Name : Praveen
Title : Way to Heaven
Description : Taken this photo at Nadhi hills bangalore @7am


Photographer Name : Rafael Bunda Jr.
Title : Twin
Description : A Mangrove tree with which has a Twin. The one is taller but the other seems to be a dwarf, low tide sea and unveils the deserted shape sand in-line with twin mangroves.


Photographer Name : Raico Rosenberg
Title : Nature never ceases to amaze us
Description : None


Photographer Name : Rob Mellors
Title : Reflections
Description : Lake Buttermere, Lake District


Photographer Name : Sankar Salvady
Title : Road to the self
Description : Clicked on a rainy day in Glacier National Park, MT. I was attracted to the mood presented by rain, mist and the lonely tree on the top of the small hill. A lonely self-reflective human subject was all I needed to complete the shot.


Photographer Name : Saud Faisal
Title : None
Description : None


Photographer Name : Silviu Opris
Title :
Description : On the way to to a new fishing adventure on Lac de Madine i´ve taken one of my best landscape picture.


Photographer Name : Stefan Brenner
Title : None
Description : None


Photographer Name : Thierry Hennet
Title : Vantage Point
Description : Shore of the Lake Lucerne on a misty morning.


Photographer Name : Ullas B.T
Title : Here it comes
Description : A Traveler sitting on the shores of Kovalam Beach, Chennai and Expecting the waves to rise and hit him any moment.A Daring moment indeed.