Dear Photographers,

The “Beautiful Landscape” Photo Contest, We announced this month had some tremendous response and please check the winner and honorable mentions below.

We a team in 121clicks thank to Hengki Koentjoro for his time and responsibility. We also thank everybody who gave it a go, thanks for your participation!

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Photographer Name : Debashis Mukherjee
Title : Tranquility
Description : Photograph taken a Chillika Lake, Odhisa, India. Photograph of color before sunrise.

Judges Comments :
I love the atmosphere of tranquility. It evokes emotion. The details of the bamboo poles lead us to the sleeping mountain.The muted color also adds to the serenity of the atmosphere.

Honorable Mentions

Photographer Name : Adam Clark
Title : Golden Valley
Description : Shot from the top of Mam Tor (also known as the Shivering Mountain) in Derbyshire’s Peak District. The shot shows Hope Valley on a winters morning, just before dawn.

Judges Comments :
Very atmospheric scene, love the feeling of surrealism.It has a quality of a painting. Beautiful Nuance.

Photographer Name : Yuri Matte
Title : None
Description : None

Judges Comments :
Very graphic and the texture is haunting.The mirror-like reflection is dramatic blurring the reality and fantasy.

Photographer Name : Priyam Islam
Title : Far from the Horizon
Description : None

Judges Comments :
Love the mood in this photo; the coolness of the atmosphere is really well illustrated.

Photographer Name : Rohan Mishra
Title : Dusk..!!- The last stint of the Sun
Description : This photograph was taken at a sea salt harvesting area on my way to Chennai from Pondicherry.
On my travels, the time of the day I always look forward to is dusk. One obvious reason is that this is a good time to admire the beauty of nature, when the sun sets over an unfamiliar landscape, casts long shadows and puts a soft, warm glow on everything its rays caress. The setting sun is infinitely beautiful, however it heralds the dark”. To me, sunset is the most cheerful part of the day. It is when people are knocking off, and looking forward to a nice dinner and spending time with their family—when people are most relaxed, and in their most natural element.

Judges Comments :
The directional line is strong and decisive, a very nice leading line for the eyes to explore the beautiful reflection.

Photographer Name : Tricia Seymour
Title : None
Description : This photo was taken at White Sands National Monument in New Mexico. We traveled for 5 months in our RV ( and this remains one of our favorite stops. The cool beauty of the sand with the big sky and colorful plants were a wonder to take in.

Judges Comments :
I love the composition in this scene, it is very well balanced.The tonality is also beautiful, very pleasing in the eyes.

Thank you and Good Luck. Keep shooting.
– Hengki Koentjoro

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Huge Cheer & Congrats to the Winner and Honorable Mentions from 121clicks Team. Please watch out for Best Entries in next post.

Thanks again to all the Participants, at times it is the Participation better than Winning!!

– 121Clicks Team