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Loving Landscapes – A Guide to Landscape Photography Workflow and Post-Processing by DPS


Yet another amazing Ebook from DPS for Landscape Photography. If you’ve ever been frustrated that the landscape photos from your camera don’t portray the magical scenes you witnessed, then this is eBook will open up [...]


Andrei Reinol – A Passionate Landscape Photographer from Estonia, Europe


A very passionate nature photographer from Estonia, Andrei Reinol gets us in awe with his ingenious nature photographs. When asked about how he plans his shoot and description over his style of photography, his [...]


50 Mesmerising Nature Photographs you will fall in love with


Astonishing landscapes, stunning visuals from all around our globe. Landscape photographers at their personal best and we have certainly 50 hand picked magic photographs to be called as the mesmerising bunch of nature photographs [...]


5 Most Popular Compact Cameras for Travel Photography


It is better to travel well than to arrive” – Buddha. Constant traveling can teach you ultimate lessons you wouldn’t even dreamt of experiencing before. We always could allocate certain time in our busy [...]


10 Inspiring Articles Focusing on Landscape Photography


Photographers take landscape photographs in pursuit of nature devoted of human influence. Ambient light, strong defined landforms, and weather conditions are the main elements of a fantastic landscape photo. These days there are no [...]


David Lazar – Passionate & Admirable Travel Photographer from Australia


A travel photographer and a musician himself from Australia. David Lazar is a very familiar name in the travel photographer’s circle and has some incredible photographs mostly portraits to his identity. David loves to [...]


Matthew Studebaker – Story of a Bird Photographer who was gifted a 300mm & a SLR at age 10


At an age of 10, a boy was gifted a 300mm lens and a SLR by his uncle. 20 years later its astounding to see the heights Studebaker has reached. Some incredible captures showing [...]


Fabulous Pictures from Dinesh Maneer who dreams to Travel all of India


A Mechanical engineer by profession but destined to be an even better photographer. Meet Dinesh Maneer from the state of Karnataka, India. Dinesh had always been an ardent traveller and his love to get [...]


100+ Landscape Photographers you should follow


A Zen Proverb says, Mountains keep flowing while the river remains passive and stands tall midst the chaos around time and conscience. Landscape Photography is the most challenging and difficult genre of photography in [...]


Fine Art Landscapes – Nowhere by Michel Rajkovic


An unexplainable silence and a rather sad melancholy keeps humming across these monochromatic landscape photographs of Michel Rajkovic. A grand taste for composition and some majestic lighting all across haunts any artist. How difficult [...]