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Kolkata – The Absolute Paradise for Street Photographers


Kolkata, called historically as Calcutta, is the capital of the Indian State West Bengal. Kolkata is the primary centre for commercial, cultural and educational aspects of East India. It is located on the banks [...]


A refreshing long exposure landscape photography by Steve Landeros


Silence through the scenic landscapes. Steve Landeros is a craftsman in carefully capturing the extravagant beauty of these landscapes. Steve says that his interest towards photography happened first when he started to admire the [...]


An Italian Photographer travels around the world with his film camera & the results are amazing


Luca Marella is a travel and documentary photographer from Venice, Italy. The most spectacular thing about his portfolio is his passion to travel beyond and do some amazing photographs outside his comfort zone. Luca [...]


A Wonderful Story of A Satellite Designer who quit everything to become a Landscape Photographer


Brilliant landscapes and the amazing feel of distant horizons makes it wonderful to be a landscape photographer. Joshua Cripps is an amazing talent who produces such unbelievable pictures of everlasting landscapes. His colors schemes [...]


Living Landscapes – A Guide to Stunning Landscape Photography


Do you love Landscape Photography? Here we have an amazing ebook to take captivating photos of the world around you. From this ebook you will learn how to simplify the process of making engaging [...]


Inspiring Travel Photography by Anne Petitfils


Anne Petitfils is a French Photographer who shoots soulful photographs of countryside. Being a photographer, Anne does enjoy to travel a lot as well as document various culture and people. From her words “Taking [...]


Marco Sgarbi shoots a flock of sheep & a shepherd dog, the pictures are simply mindblowing


Marco Sgarbi is a passionate photographer who loves to shoot the countryside a lot. His pictures show us the beautiful and poignant nature alongside are the animals on the field. Marco seems to be [...]


Nature at its best – Black & White Photography by Mark Little John


Mark Littlejohn is from Penrith, England. Mark states that he took up photography for no real reason and it all started with some usual snaps in his area. But slowly he began to gain [...]


10 Landscape Photography Tips from Antony Spencer


We are sharing this tutorial from Phase One. Subscribe this channel for Amazing landscape photography tips. In this video Antony Spencer sharing some simple and amazing tips about landscape photography. © Antony Spencer Antony [...]


Ansel Adams – Inspiration from Masters of Photography


Ansel Easton Adams was an american photographer and environmentalist born in February 20th 1902. Widely known for his black and white photographs, Ansel Adams is considered to be one of the pioneers of photography. [...]