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Hi, I am Ashok Saravanan (Ayashok). I am a Computer Graduate from Karaikudi, Tamil Nadu. I started my career as a Graphic Designer. My everyday work in editing photographs got me curious about shapes, pictures & colors. My job profile was protracted to working with photos that I received and that got me to think of the expanse of unexplored realms around me. As my passion for pictures increased, so did my passion for photography. Today, you can always find me with a camera.

The Stepping Stone:
Like any kid, compulsion towards studying drove me to find all possible distraction techniques – sketching and painting, in my case. I wouldn’t say that I was a talented artist as a kid, but I never knew the depth of art and its contribution to everyday world. Slowly, wherever I turned, I saw art and pictures – in TVs, magazines, hoardings and so on. When I was old enough to make the decision, I chose to stay put with Arts and Design.

Photography Through My Eyes:
Honestly the best thing in being a photographer is to look at the world around in many different ways and admire its beauty. With my camera, I feel like I have a new pair of eyes. I now see beauty which I have missed before, lighting and colors around me that I never knew existed before.

I prefer keeping my images simple in composition and strong in emotion. I love to capture ‘The Moment’ and expose beauty in form of elements which many fail to notice in everyday life. Although I haven’t given a thought about limiting myself to a particular form or style in photography, capturing portraits is a close-to-heart personal liking. Recently, I have begun speaking my mind through ‘Black and White’ photographs.

How “Black and White” became?
“Black and White” is a showcase of photographs focusing on expressions, emotions and intricate elements that are often missed among colors. Black and White images, in my opinion, express richer reproductions of colored images by filtering out focus-diverting elements.

In my Opinion:
Like Albert Einstein, I believe that I have no special talents and I am only passionately curious.
I don’t know where I came from, but I definitely know where I am going, where to reach and how to reach there.

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Showcase of the Week - Ashok Saravanan, 4.7 out of 5 based on 21 ratings

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  1. Dear Ashok,
    Your pictures are too good and inspirational.I got shivers down my spine on looking at your 7th pic – worn out leg and very much like the angle for the 3rd pic – this angle give a totally different perspective. And very nice to know you are from namma ooru- karaikudi….

    Best Regards

  2. Stunning. One of the best I have seen. His work is truly great and inspiring. This processing style and love with black and white is truly good.

  3. So proud!

    Dear Ashok,
    Good work is always well appreciated & this is a small example.

    Keep it up and keep inspiring.



  4. MRKrishnamoorthy

    You come to office and see the tasks for the day… get disappointed…
    and then see the pending tasks and feel like killing yourself…..and open a link (one of very few which are not blocked) which says….Something catches your attention….says ‘Showcase of the week’…..You think of looking at it for 5 mins before going into the office tasks……end up sitting before it for more than an hour watching all the BW pictures of Ashok in awesomeness…Heart melts and new energy born to tell the office tasks to…….”go to Hell”……. 🙂

    @Ashok…..Pure inspiration.


    ……..Regards, MRK……

  5. Ashok !!

    Lucky to have you as my friend. You have your own trademark in each of the pics. Keep up the good work buddy.


  6. Dear Ashok,
    Seeing your best B/W works at one place makes me happy. I proud of you Ashok. Superb!.

  7. Ashok:
    Awesome photos, would even say ever green, in spite of being black and white photos.
    Keep up the good work

  8. karthik pasupathy

    you’ve always been my inspiration…i learning a lot from your photographs…awesome work 🙂 🙂

    karthik pasupathy

  9. Really amazing.. awesome. Do not whether a person can create such a hobby in the stressful world. I cannot think so.. You have created a wonderful showcase on ur baby Pingala birthday, gift to a father by a father on his baby day. Happy birthday Pingala and Ashok.. As everybody knows yu will rock!..

  10. Fantastic photos. From the top, 7th pic. is too good. No words to describe. Keep up the good work.

  11. Karthik R Yadav

    Annae, All the picz are kalakalzz… though i have seen everything before… it dint make me to getting bore to see your picz again n again .. Way to go…
    All the best 🙂

  12. Dear Ashok:
    Your picture are unlike you. They are not humble they are not silent. Its just the other way around…. I believe it will be stupid on my part to write a one or two line comment on this great occasion.
    Each of these priceless pictures are worth spending a few hours talking. I am sure you know, there is a big bunch of people who are inspired and awestruck by your work; contine to support them with the dashing smile and humble attitude.
    God bless you with good health and strength to pursue your passion till you achieve what you want…

  13. Anna, very inspirational.. Hard work always pays off.. At this juncture, I would like to say a few things.. Dont think im gonna write an autobiography 😛 These words are my dedication to ashok anna 🙂 When i had “just an interest” in photography, ur photos in flickr kindled me. When i knew u r also from kkdi, i was so happy, i decided to write to u and ask some suggestions ! I hope u remember that anna.. After that I bought a P&S, started looking at the world only thru the lens. There was a sudden break in my photography, but now I think i’ll be back 🙂 I am planning to gift myself with Nikon D5k soon and i wish it keeps me going 🙂 Really really happy abt ur success 🙂

  14. Muralidharan Alagar

    Awesome is not the word. Struggling for the right word Ashok!
    You are the inspiration for the many. Taking many along your way.
    Keep up the great work.
    Anbudan Murali

  15. Rahul Sadagopan

    Ashok, Congrats!
    This is just the beginning. I strongly believe you will make it real *big*.
    All the best.

    – rahul

  16. hi ashok mindblowing photographics fantastic.Really i admired with your pic’s.All the very best for your bright future!!!!!!!!!!!

  17. Niki (

    Thala didnt see this article at the right time… you are my inspiration of all my click…

  18. Ashok Sir,
    U work is mindblowin class clickz…
    was googling villa christophe and luvd a pic..
    started searching for more of u.. and i ended up here..
    continue to be the best.. wish u all the very best..

  19. Wow Ayashok your work is amazing! So tough to pick the picture that I like the most, I finally give up on that!

  20. Amazing Clicks… I have seen and admired your colors earlier… But Black and white was truly amazing… Wounded Leg Picture made my heart feel heavy…

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