A Grand opening from our Flickr group to start this year 2013 with some spectacular captures from all around the globe. This post for the month of January, yet again proves the value our 121clicks has in Flickr and for the people who are making a great contribution to our community. A sincere thanks to all our photographer friends. And we hope this would be of great inspiration to the photographers out there. Keep Clicking and thanks a lot for all your support.

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Photo By: Gareth Jenkins

Photo By: Slavina Bahchevanova

Photo By: Braeden Petruk

Photo By: Massimiliano Sarno

Photo By: Javed Miandad

Photo By: Rafid Al Zahur

Photo By: Ragavendran

Photo By: Sonya Khegay

Photo By: Jana

Photo By: Akilan Ramalingam Thamaraiselvan

Photo By: Raphaël

Photo By: Scare-Crow

Photo By: Eleni Rim

Photo By: Benjamin GS

Photo By: Cristina Hoch

Photo By: William Fultz II

Photo By: Beata Rydén

Photo By: Tracy Tomsickova

Photo By: Miro May

Photo By: Yura Kurnosov

Photo By: Ivan Dessi

Photo By: Brice Richard

Photo By: Bellajo415

Photo By: Armana

Photo By: RP

Photo By: Thomas Leuthard

Photo By: Siddharthan Raman

Photo By: 24Atlantic

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