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A Zen Proverb says, Mountains keep flowing while the river remains passive and stands tall midst the chaos around time and conscience. Landscape Photography is the most challenging and difficult genre of photography in my opinion. To travel endlessly to continents, is no weekend business here, a salute for all those passionate, silent and humble landscape photographers. To see the first light, the mountains wrapped with mists, endless coasts, numerous valleys and nameless regions, to capture the true essence of a landscape thereby to show the unseen abode, a surreal light or a tranquil flavor, it is going to take a lot of patience, skill and of course money.

Beyond the clouds and the ecstasy of what these mountains, valleys and endless oceans could speak there remains a landscape filled with silence and so much for our astonishment. These Landscapes and their eternal arena makes us believe and wonder for the unexplored and appreciate more for our complexly creative planet earth. Photography has always had its part in producing some true mirror beams of trees,mountains, waterfalls, rivers, lagoons and a million more.

Landscape photography has never been easy, its more about exploring the unexplored, showing the world what has not been witnessed before, with ultimate weather toppings with a fantastic landscape. This genre of photography is never boring and unlike other few categories of photography, this is readily acceptable and understandable. Light, locations and interesting angles to capture the true beauty of our mother earth as they define it.

In this post of ours, we wanted to bring along some finest of finest Landscape Photographer Portfolios for our inspiration and let them serve you as a store of inspiration, the places they traveled, the air they had breath and the beauty they had witnessed had been encrypted in these valuable photographs.

Thus happened this list of 100 landscape photographers you should follow, adding to that we wanted to keep as this list as useful as possible to both aspirants and professionals as well. Hence there wouldn’t be harm in bookmarking this page for future reference too.

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Best Landscape Photographers
© Alex Noriega

Best Landscape Photographers
© Antony Spencer

Best Landscape Photographers
© Chip Phillips

Best Landscape Photographers
© David C. Schultz

Best Landscape Photographers
© Dylan Toh

Best Landscape Photographers
© Evgeni Dinev

Best Landscape Photographers
© Ian Plant

Best Landscape Photographers
© Joseph Rossbach

Best Landscape Photographers
© Kevin McNeal

Best Landscape Photographers
© Marc Adamus

Best Landscape Photographers
© Mary Kay

Best Landscape Photographers
© Nathan Wirth

Best Landscape Photographers
© Örvar Atli Þorgeirsson

Best Landscape Photographers
© Philippe Sainte-Laudy

Best Landscape Photographers
© Tristan Campbell

Best Landscape Photographers
© Zack Schnepf

Well if your count is right, we are 25 photographers short and would like you to find those 25 wonderful photographers from your perspective. Please list your favorite Landscape photographer in the comments section and we will be more than happy to add them for you and complete this perfect professional Landscape photographers database.

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  1. Apparently my initial comment disappeared. Anyway, thanks for including me, guys. I have a few suggestions for your list:
    Bruce Percy: http://www.brucepercy.co.uk
    Andreas Resch: http://www.andreasresch.at
    Alister Benn: http://availablelightimages.com
    Floris van Bruegel: http://www.artinnaturephotography.com
    Seung Kye Lee: http://www.leeseungkye.com
    Cindy Jeannon: http://www.cindyjeannon.com
    Serban Simbotelecan: http://www.sserban.com
    Laurentiu Pavel: http://www.laurentiupavel.com

    And many more who inspire us nowadays. The last two are dear friends of mine. I know I’m subjective, but take a look at their work.

  2. Stephan 'Stevie' Amm

    Hi, I’m really fascinated by wildlife and landscape photographer Radomir Jakubowski!



  3. Hi, I’m really fascinated by wildlife and landscape photographer Radomir Jakubowski!



  4. I find it a joke that Colby Brown ends up on lists like this.. the dude takes photos with his mobile phone, and share the same photos he took from 2009.. His website is poor and all he has done is wrote some document about 3 years ago about google+.. So over rated as a landscape photographer!!..

    • Ohhhhhhh. A fan. It isn’t every day that I meet a true believer 🙂

      I agree. I probably am “over-rated” as a landscape photographer, after all I do photograph travel and humanitarian issues as well. As for mobile images, guilty as charged. I do share quite a bit of them as generally they are faster to share with those the choose to follow my work while I am on the road as I travel 6 months out of the year working for actual clients or projects that design rather than trying to please internet arm chair quarterbacks. While I have continued to hire more and more employees to help with the work load of running two photography companies, organizing multiple sold out workshops around the globe every year, licencing prints to Canon, Toshiba, Sony and Samsung and writing a variety of books, I truly do need to find more time to share more of my recent work for the interwebs. Of course this isn’t because I care for your approval or need validation to help justify who I am or the financial stability that I provide for my family as a “joke of a photographer”, but because I do genuinely wish to.

      Either way, thanks for the wonderful insight you brought to this post. It was truly enlightening. Happy holdays! 🙂

        • Fair point Sarah. Mostly to make a point that too many photographers care what others think of there work rather than focusing on their passion. This is not the first nor the last time this happens. Just having some un 🙂

          • Be careful Colby..before too long there will be a whole website devoted to your misrepresentations…..there will always be haters…sigh….at least hate openly..I for one will KILL ANY Ebola virus that I can..there I have said it….now let the trolls start on me!

          • Haha Bob. Good point. I am sure there are already a few out there outside of my fan in the above comments. I have never understood such bitterness or negativity that permeates on the internet. Such is life 🙂

            Good luck with the Ebola squashing! Happy holidays!

      • haha.. you are the biggest name dropper in social media!.. and I never said you were a ‘joke of a photographer’.. I said it was a joke you were included in these lists, when you dont show any of your actual photography.. anyways.. happy holidays to you and your family.. looking forward to seeing the Nokia mobile photos..

        • Not that I didn’t already know, but an IP trace confirmed who you are…which makes sense. I imagine it is hard to be that bitter. Life is too short man. Anyway, enjoy NZ.

          • Im not bitter at all.. and Im not hiding myself either.. just questioning again why you dont share your work.. and why you havent done since you started on G+.. you share everything else.. Signed Jason Law

  5. I am Nature and :Landscape Enthusiast and recently had the opportunity to capture some very beautiful Landscapes. I hope they please the eyes of the viewers.

  6. Thanks for the mention! I’d add:

    Art Wolfe
    Floris Van Breugel
    Ryan Dyar
    David Thompson
    Mark Metternich
    Ted Gore
    Tyson Fisher
    Brian Adelberg
    Danny Seidman

  7. Thanks very much for the inclusion!

    Please note that my first name is Dominique et not Dominic 🙂
    I would mention Grzegorz Piechowicz as a very talented photographer, he really deserves it!

  8. Justus Steinfeldt

    Andreas Resch, Rainer Mirau, Tobias Richter, Stefan Hefele, Kilian Schönberger and Radomir Jakubowski are my additional favourite landscape photographers 😉

    have a nice 3th Advent
    Justus Steinfeldt

  9. I have to add Dionys Moser! He is such an amazing and versatile photogorapher. His Aurora Borealis and desert images are definitely the best I have ever seen! Please check his website….www.fotoreisen.ch

  10. I’m honored and humbled to be included in a list that contains so many photographers whose work has long been an inspiration to me. Thank you very much for the inclusion.

  11. Nick Oman Photography

    Glad to see Utah represented! How about Michael Frye, Darren White, or Aaron Feinberg for a few other landscapers.

  12. Really, really great list. Most of the landscape photographers I follow and connect with are on this list. It looks TJ and Robin hit a lot of the ones I thought were missing.

    Here are a few more I would definitely add:

    Jim Patterson (jimpattersonphotography.com)

    Joshua Cripps (joshuacrippsphotography.com)

    Willie Huang (williehuangphotography.com)

    Yan Larsen (flickr.com/yanlarsen)

    Michael Ryan (flickr.com/michael-p-ryan)

    and perhaps consider myself (landESCAPEphotography.com).

    Keep up the awesome work, y’all!!

  13. I would strongly recommend Ricardo da Cunha, Dylan Fox, Sheldon Petit, and Katrina Bartley. Brilliant Australian photographers, and will be featuring a bit in 2014.

  14. steve_coleman_photographer

    I find this list very mainstream, full of predictability and lacking much imagination. There are a few interesting photographers here, however most are followers and not leaders. I think a list like this should be more purposeful if it is to be a list which recommends people we should follow. I’d like to see photographers who are innovative, creative and breaking new ground. Those who how something new to share i.e. the old adage; “show me something I have not seen before”. I don’t want to follow photographers who are themselves followers. Mainstream landscape photography is still very dominated by the mindset of the pretty picture and the straight horizon.

  15. I think it is time to update your list. I would love to see Melissa Fague on it, she is an amazing photographer from my area. Her website is pipafineart.com

  16. Some absolutely fantastic South African landscape photographers to also follow:

    Mitchell Krog from South Africa – One of South Africa’s top Fine Art Landscape Photographers

    Martin Osner – Fantastic South African Fine Art Photographer with an incredible portfolio.

    Koos van de Lende – Undoubtedly one of South Africa’s top Fine Art Photographers – Still shoots large format film and produces images that are just mind blowing. A true gentlemen too.

    Eugene van der Merwe – Exceptional Fine Art Photographer with a discerning eye for spotting things that nobody else can

    Anette Mossbacher from Switzerland – Beautiful Landscapes and Wildlife too.

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