Weddings are one of the most important days of anyone’s life and it needs to be immortalized in all the ways that it can be immortalized. Videos are the best format to revisit your golden day, not just because of its dynamic mode of representation but also because of the simple fact that the human brain responds more vividly to moving rather than stationary images. Photography does form an important part of your wedding memories but Videography will make the backbone.

Hiring professionals to do the job is a better idea than to make your friends do it. It will leave the important task of covering your wedding to the team of professionals who are not just technically sound but also have the right equipment and know-how to ensure that you have a stellar video recording of your wedding. It will also allow your friends to be a part of your wedding rather than worry about documenting it.




  1. The gear that one needs for weddings is important. Most weddings are set indoors, where the actual ceremony happens followed by either indoor or outdoor celebrations. Thus, light sensitivity of the camera in question needs to be up to the mark. Low lux settings of a camera help in attaining high quality wedding videos but this is not a hard and fast rule.
  2. Be light and fast. Be invisible. Use gear that allows you to be mobile, dexterous and agile. Cumbersome equipment is a big no-no. Use lenses and cameras which enable swift changing. Simple DSLRs often fit the bill perfectly.
  3. Always have a way to back up the audio. There is no repetition in a wedding and if any of the aspects of the video is botched up, there is no going back. Invest in good equipment and no how to use them properly.


  1. Attend the rehearsal of the wedding to get a feel of the area, the available light and angles, the flow of the ceremony and of course, getting acquainted with your clients.
  2. Shoot only the footage you think you will use. This saves time in browsing through the unnecessary footage during the post production phase. Instead of capturing the footage you may not use, you could capture candid moments between the bride and groom which goes a long way in wedding videography.
  3. Capture the pre wedding processions; focus on the bride getting dressed, the bridesmaids having fun, the groom’s nervousness. They may be clichés but these are called the essential shots. A wedding video cannot be made without the kiss!
  4. Focus on close ups. They magnify the emotions. They have a clear and crisp effect that is desirable to an emotional event.
  5. Capture images and videos which are creative and have an angle that’s flattering to everyone involved. Capture emotions and make sure the ones being filmed aren’t camera ware. You can do this by keeping the camera focused but pointed in a different direction and when you anticipate the reaction you are looking to capture, swiftly turn and point your camera to the desired region and voila, you have your shot!
  6. Take your time in sorting through the videos during the week that follows and use filters and transition effects that aren’t too jarring. Cover the wedding and the people involved more than the venue, dresses and the food but don’t leave all of it out either. The side shots are called b-roll footage and form an integral part of the fillers which are important in longer wedding videos.

Practice is the key to success. The more exposure you get and the more types of weddings you cover, the more you’ll learn about what your clients expect. Match Z UP delivers everything promised here and lot more, gift wrapped!