While taking a selfie doesn’t seem like a very complex task, creating the perfect one may require a few skills and special tools. Some people take selfies just for fun while others may take one to use as their profile picture online. Other individuals may want to use a selfie to mark a special occasion such as prom night, graduation, or going on a special vacation.

Regardless of what your reason may be for wanting to take the best selfie ever, There are a number of apps out there that can help you do just that. Using these apps along with the following tips can be a great asset when you want to achieve your picture perfect goals.

The Best 10 Selfie Apps

3 Tips for Finding the Best Apps to Perfect Your Selfies

Create a Selfie that is Honest And Shows the Real You

There’s a multitude of selfie apps out there that include elaborate filters to change your appearance. Sometimes these filters may cover up some minor imperfections while others add so much to your self-portrait that you are hardly recognizable. Although these filters may be fun and popular for creating teen selfies, they’re not allowing you to show the real you.

If you want to create the perfect selfie, choose an app and filter setting that doesn’t cover up who you are. Instead, use one that highlights your surroundings, or use a classic black and white filter that won’t take away from your true image. You can always add fun text or borders to the photo to make it more unique.

Find the Perfect App to Create the Best Glamour Selfies

If you truly want to glamorize your looks and make your selfie your very best photo, there are several programs available that can help. Many selfie apps now focus on beauty filters. These can sometimes help diminish dark spots and unwanted blemishes from your face to give your skin much clearer and youthful appearance.

There are also selfie filters that go much farther and completely transform your look including your hair color. Whether you want to be subtle with your looks or go a little more extreme, you have the option to do so when using these beauty selfie apps.

Keep in mind that the Best Selfie Apps Can’t Fix Human Error

Selfie apps have become very popular in recent years because they can sometimes help make your photos look even better. Or they can add unique filters which can be fun to share with your friends. But regardless of everything these apps can do, they can’t fix the human error. That means if you aren’t an expert photographer, you can still make mistakes that a photo app simply can’t correct.

Outdoor selfies can be a hit or miss situation where sometimes you’ll snap the perfect photo and other times you’ll end up with one you’d rather delete. Some people just have the right eye for taking photographs and know how to use the natural light of the great outdoors to their advantage. That’s why you will see some vacation images of beautiful beach or mountain landscapes made by your friends on social media that can’t compare to your own photos taken at the same location.

But, as long as you remember that selfie apps can’t correct every image, you will still be able to enjoy using them.

The evolution of the selfie is something that some people from older generations have yet to grasp while those as young as 10 or 11 years can do easily in just one snap. Take some time to try out various selfie apps and check out examples of some of the best selfies online to get an idea of how to create the ideal selfie that you and your followers are sure to love.

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