Portrait retouching is a quite deceptive art. For Portrait retouching you have to concentrate on Lighting, Skin, Wrinkles, Eyes, Hair, Bakground and many. If you have some experience in Photoshop it will be very easy to learn the basics and produce amazing results.

Below we present 10 Professional Portrait Photo Retouching Video Tutorials. All tutorials are linked and lead to the sources from which they were taken. Please feel free to explore further tutorials of these photographers / designers on their collections or their personal sites.

Fashion Portrait Retouch 1

Watch me turn on and off layers while I fumble to remember and describe how I retouched this Fashion Portrait. The photo, Lavenda Stock 3, is courtesy of Christopher Murr on Deviantart.com

Fashion Portrait Retouch 2

I shot this creative which got picked up as an editorial. The photos turned out of camera ok, but needed some help from Photoshop to make them better. Follow this retouching tutorial as I attempt to re-trace my steps while examining the PSD file.

Creating the Image: 5 Light Portrait Part 1

In this first part of a two part series Alec discusses a 5 light studio portrait setup. This lighting, creates cinematic, dimensional quality difficult to otherwise achieve. Alec discusses the pros and cons and goes through the basics of the setup with a lighting diagram and photos from a demonstration of the setup at a recent workshop.

Creating the Image: 5 Light Portrait Part 2

In this second of a two part tutorial series Alec demonstrates his process of editing the 5 light portrait of Terry, demonstrated in part 1. Alec walks through his basic editing process, including background management, retouching, and color management.

Portrait Retouching- Wrinkles

Simple tutorial explaining how to retouch, fix and soften wrinkles using Photoshop.

Portrait Retouching- Eyes

How to retouch and brighten eyes using Photoshop.

Portrait Retouching- Hair

In this tutorial I will focus on the hair. Before watching please note that there is a lot of information in this video to absorb, so watch and re-watch areas. I’d recommend pausing it at regular intervals before continuing so that you fully understand all the processes.

Photoshop Tutorial: Colouring the Background

Photoshop Tutorial showing how in just a few steps we can change the background colour of our photographs to add a little more interest. This technique makes use of Photoshop CS5’s Refine Edge Command and also shows an alternative method for producing similar results in CS4 and earlier.

Retouch Adobe Photoshop CS5 – Maria Leijner

Effective Tutorial with brief description.

Beauty Portrait Retouch Tutorial

A super quick portrait retouch tutorial in photoshop with very nice background music. Fantastic Video.