If you’re a photographer, you’re looking for new ways to expand your brand presence. It can also help you stand out among the crowd of other photographers. Even though your portfolio may be eye-catching, you want to create unique and personalized products that will connect with your clients and fans at a higher level.

In this post, I will show you five unique photography products you can sell as soon as today, allowing you to add additional revenue streams to your photography business.

Are you ready to see what ideas we have in store for you? Let’s start with the list below.

Photography Products You Can Customize For Your Brand

#1. Custom Phone Cases

With the digital age already in full swing, a custom phone case may be one of the best items you can sell through your photography website. The good news is that you can enlist the help of global print-on-demand services like Printful to help you out. You don’t have to have the items or inventory on hand because Printful takes care of it. You can customize the cases with your photography logo or even your favorite shots.

If you want to, you can take some of the photos of your clients and offer them their phone cases. It will give them that personalized touch they’re looking for, allowing you to connect with them more profoundly.

#2. Custom Camera Straps

Indeed, a camera strap is essential when carrying a camera to capture shots of the world around you. These custom straps are a great way to make a statement. You can blend your style with functionality, creating this memorable piece that will be part of your brand for years.

Personalize these using your logo, a favorite image, or a design based on your photography. Either way, you want a custom camera strap that is high-quality, durable, and able to support the weight of your camera. Remember that your comfort should also be taken into account.

#3. Personalized Lens Cloths

It’s critical to clean your camera lenses because you want your photo quality to look outstanding. Dust specks and debris can get in the way. These lens cloths will feature an image, your brand’s logo, or quotes from you or someone important in your life. Nonetheless, these lens cloths should also be functional to ensure they clean your lenses.

Make sure that these lens cloths are small enough to be easily stored in your camera bag. You never know when you might need them, whether you’re at home or on the go.

Photography Products You Can Customize For Your Brand

#4. Gallery-Quality Prints

It’s no secret that every photographer would love to see their work admired in print. That’s why you can offer gallery-quality prints so they can be showcased by people who love your work.

This can also be an excellent opportunity to expand the reach of your photography brand. These prints can be customized with your photography and offered in different formats, such as framed or unframed prints.

Unique prints such as metal and canvas wrap can also be offered. Again, it’s crucial to partner with a reliable print-on-demand service that provides excellent print quality and many customization options. Selling these prints as additional items can be lucrative, and they can also be gifts for clients you’ve worked with in the past.

#5. Branded Backpacks and Bags

Finally, consider a branded backpack or camera bag that is stylish yet practical for your photography toolkit. Showcase your brand while providing adequate storage for your camera equipment with durable and weather-resistant materials. It’s also a good idea to have plenty of space and compartments to organize your equipment, ensuring you know where everything is.

Photography Products You Can Customize For Your Brand

Final Thoughts

We hope you found this guide on five unique photography products to be inspirational for what you can sell outside of your services. Not only can this be something you sell to people who love your work, but it can also be something your past clients may request. Either way, you can leverage print-on-demand services to help deliver the goods.

It’s always a good idea to serve your clients with print-on-demand services, but you can also use them to purchase items for yourself, helping you generate more awareness for your photography brand. Thank you for checking this out, and happy snapping.

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