In this video photographer and designer Nathaniel Dodson explains you about 28 Tips, Tricks & Hacks in Photoshop CC. Here are the list of topics covered in this video:

  1. Whiten Teeth
  2. Merge all Layers to New Layer
  3. Rotate View Tool
  4. Change Layer Opacity Hotkey
  5. Choosing Layers Hotkey
  6. Move Layers Hotkey
  7. Change Units of Measure
  8. Add More Undo Steps
  9. Apply Pattern Along Path
  10. Create Filled Layer Mask
  11. Instantly Find Center of Document
  12. Quickly Change Color of Anything
  13. How to Paint a Selection
  14. Black & White w/ Channel Mixer
  15. Filling Text or Shape Layers
  16. Scale Layer Styles
  17. Precise Painting w/ Brush Tool
  18. Duplicate Anything
  19. Before/After Preview Hotkey
  20. Straighten a PSD Two Different Ways
  21. Bird’s Eye View
  22. Clipping Mask Power
  23. Instagram/VSCO Fade Effect
  24. Hacking Selection Creation
  25. The Fastest Retro Effect
  26. Extract Assets for the Web
  27. Multiple Layer Styles
  28. Photoshop UI Easter Egg

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