At some point of time it becomes necessary for all digital photographers to clean their camera sensors. There are lot of factors causing those small specs and dots on the images such as minute particles of dust be it from the environment, clothing or even from the internal camera parts themselves.

Finer particles of dust which are dry are always easy to remove, whereas it really becomes difficult when it becomes wet or very microscopic.
This fine particles creates dark spots on your images, when shot at a wide angle or with a lens with smaller aperture.

So how to get rid of these particles, here we bring you 4 best methods possible,

  • Air cleaning :  Keeping the shutter lock open(look in the menu), when apply hard pressure air inside the camera , there is a high possibility that all the loose particles must fly away. Do not blow your breathe into the sensor, that will be fatal for your camera. Only use dry air here.
  • Brushing :  Using a smaller size paint brush gently wipe on the surface of the sensor, go at one direction at a time
  • Liquid cleaning :  Using a swab dipped in ethanol, its attracts all the very minute and finer particles which had escaped the previous procedures
  • Tape cleaning :  Sticking a tape of the same size of sensor onto the sensor and then slowly peeling off it, it is hazardous to your sensor meaning it may form new elastic dusts on the surface. So think thrice before you try this one .

Having a Clean Workflow

A few precautions go a long way toward extending your shooting time between manual cleanings:

  • Always try to switch off your camera, while there is a need to change lenses, because the charge still on the sensor attracts dust from the environment!
  • Keep your lenses, cap, its back all dust free and change them in a safe place. Always keep them closed.
  • Do not use aerosol dusters for your camera, they are highly risky, it does remove the dust but makes them go further deep inside your sensors and filters making it impossible to remove it then..

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