If you’ve got a point and shoot passion, why not turn the hobby you love into a job you love.

ow to Become a Freelance Photographer - 6 Amazing Tips

Thanks to the wealth of social apps now available for image sharing such as Instagram and Flickr, photography has become increasingly in demand, as we all strive to document our lives in the most picture perfect way. But how in a world full of amateur photographers can you stand out from the crowd and make yourself a certified business?

1. Choose a Focus

As much as we would all like to have variety in our lives, as a business you won’t be able to be everything to everyone. So decide on your niche and the areas you would prefer to work in. This should be the area of photography that you love the most. Will you be focusing on corporate, weddings, portraits, or architecture?

Whichever area gets the creative juices flowing stick to it, and dabble in the others in your spare time. Over loading yourself with too many different projects from the get go will only harm your reputation further down the line.


2. Be Inspired

Once you’ve decided on your niche, research it for inspiration on the styles within that specific area. Immersing yourself in all angles of the topic will ensure you know about the latest photography trends, and any new styles that have become popular.

If a potential customer was going to ask you about this area, would you be ready to answer their questions?


3. Know the Competition

Whichever photography focus you have chosen research your competition before you even think about becoming a fully-fledged freelancer. As much as there is always enough work to go around, can you compete?

Looking into the way they work and their costings can save you time and money in the long run. What makes you stand out against them?

Do you have unique style or a better way of working?

Spend time really thinking about what sets you apart.


4. Take Advice

You won’t always be lucky enough to find photographers willing to share their secrets to success, so take as much advice as possible whenever you can find it.

This article lists some of the things many photographers wish they had known before they became freelance.

From self-belief to just to remembering not to sell yourself short, it’s good to know that everyone has always had these thoughts at some point in the process.


5. Build a Portfolio

Creating an outstanding representation of your work is going to be an essential tool to getting you paying customers. Initially volunteering your services for free is going to be one of the only ways to get your name out there, get the experience you need, and the testimonials that will make your services shine.

Always start how you mean to go on, so ensure your portfolio is as professional looking as possible. If you don’t want the pain of putting together a printed version, use branded USB sticks such as these, which will enable you to send your work if you’re unavailable for a meeting.


6. Get Online

Social media will be your biggest marketing asset so get social and start snapping away.

Even posting and sharing pictures that are a little bit quirky and outside of your niche, will cause people to be intrigued by your work.

Online is the best place to showcase what you can do.