No other object can give such eloquence and nobility to a photo event as a retro or exotic car. In one single attempt, these vehicles manage to bring in the elements of history, elegance, and character so that an ordinary photo becomes an exquisite visual masterpiece. The only difference is that a good photographer will recognize the right thing in the right place.

Finding Vintage And Exotic Cars For Photoshoots

Why classic and exotic cars?

Timeless Appeal

The Classic Cars themselves are very attractive, and they have a timelessness to them that most modern vehicles do not. Given their classic lines, peculiarities, and history, they do make a good subject to photograph. Each vintage car has its history to tell, therefore adding value and interest to the photos.

Exotic Elegance

The exotic car, on the other hand, breathes out luxury and performance. Such high-end vehicles are made to bring out the heads of other people when they turn and look back. The curves, shapes, and styling of the cars look like they have just come from a different planet, with powerful presences that can really make your photos stand out and bring across a classy, glamorous feel.

Finding Vintage And Exotic Cars For Photoshoots

Where to Find Vintage and Exotic Cars for Photoshoots

Online Auto Auctions

Online auto auctions are one of the greatest places to source vintage and exotic cars for that perfect photoshoot. Browsing the offer on these platforms, you will notice a very wide variety of vehicles on offer, usually at very competitive prices. You can check out the listings, make comparisons, and even place a bid for those you find fit.

A better place where you can find such vehicles is at You will also have wide access to all the vehicles available, so you will be sure to find whatever you’ll need for your photoshoot.

Car Clubs and Enthusiast Groups

Another good source of information on where to find vintage and exotic cars is to become a member of car clubs and enthusiast groups. Most of the very rare cars are owned by some very enthusiastic people who could easily lend or rent their cars for the occasion. These communities allow insight, recommendations, and even opportunities to connect with car owners.

Specialty Dealerships and Rentals

Specialty dealerships and car rental services sometimes have vintage and exotic vehicles. The services can be pretty costly but the maintenance ensures that the vehicle is in its perfect state and ready for the photoshoot.

Finding Vintage And Exotic Cars For Photoshoots

Tips for a Successful Car Photoshoot

Plan Ahead

A successful car photo shoot truly lies in planning. Be sure to get all the permits in place, know your location lighting, and have an idea of what your shots should look like. This will save time during the shot and lead to good results.

Choose the Right Location

Location is key to the outcome of your photo session. Look for locations that emit the same style or character as the car. Think about historic places when taking pictures of vintage cars. Modern or urban places for exotic cars will show them off best for their sleek look.

Pay Attention to Lighting

Lighting is quite important in car photography. One would want to make the most of natural light, although it is absolutely necessary that the shoot be done during the golden hours when the light is soft and flattering. In case the shoot is to be indoors, use softbox lights or reflectors so that it bring out the features in the car without harsh shadows.

Focus on Details

And most of all, these cars are full of unique details. Close-ups of the interior, emblems, and special details will give depth and some zest to your photos. Do not hesitate to play with various angles and perspectives more creatively.

Wash and Clean the Car

Make sure your car is clean and all spruced up before the shoot. The exterior is shiny and clean and the interior might make a world of difference to the photos. Take some cleaning supplies for the last touch-ups to the event.


The result, getting the perfect vintage or exotic car for your photoshoot, will be very satisfying. With enough preparation and suitable resources, capturing that perfect image will show how beautiful and elegant those vehicles are. Good luck with your shoot!

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