As we move forward in this technologically advance era, neither drones nor cameras are left behind in the race of innovation to give its users the best in class experience to capture some awesome quality pictures from the sky to cherish the good memories in life with these inspiring pictures for generations to come.

Moreover as drones are becoming more popular, people have started using drone to capture images and videos from sky to get incredible shots which can’t be done otherwise that’s why to help the today’s generation capture some amazing pictures and take their drone photography skills to next level I have come up with some simple yet interesting drone photography tips which would help you elevate your skills for shooting nice videos and capturing good photos with your drones.

So come on folks, it’s time to take a look at some interesting drone photography tips right below.

1. Try Different Shooting Modes, Settings And Angles

For getting a perfect shot which could really stand out, you need to make sure that you are shooting with right camera settings for which you can try shooting from different angles .while shooting you can try out panorama mode, low light mode, HDR modes, long -short exposure modes and many more to get best shoots and videos from your drone camera every time you fly high .you can check out the video given below too, for some more photography tips for better shooting angles on your drones.

2. Buy A Drone With Good Camera

For getting a good quality video and images from your drone in different environmental conditions, it’s essential to have a nice camera which is capable of shooting awesome quality videos and images without any degradation in pixels.

While choosing a drone with nice camera, you tend of have 2 choices which includes buying a drone with attached camera with nice specs and good capturing capabilities which seems to be on little higher side of price or you can buy a camera without any attached camera which comes with capabilities to attach any action camera with your drone like go pro etc according to your needs.

Now the choice is yours to choose a best rcdrone with camera as both are nice choices to consider, But if you already have an action camera with you at home then you can buy a drone compatible with it, as it would cost you less and you would be able to get good images and videos from sky too with it besides using it on ground.

3. Try Drone Filters

While shooting some drone videos and capturing images,I always wondered why my videos didn’t looked like those professional videos that studios produce ,that too using the same drone as we use and their after I got my answer in drone filters and the reason for good looking videos after using drone filters is that they help to reduce the light entering the camera lens which often tends to produce the jitter effect on image pixels after distorting the image from various angles.

Not to forget that these filters also helps to retain the color gamut of the image for better pixel density from all angles. There are different types of filters in the market for you to try like neutral density filters, polarizing filters etc to add life to your images and make them much more vivid and vibrant.

4. Shoot In RAW Format

Choosing RAW format for videos and images makes it much easier to edit the images and videos post shooting ,as In raw format you can edit whatever you want including the color tones ,contrast ratio ,add different effects and do much more without any problem which can’t be done if you shoot and store in any compressed format like jpeg etc ,that’s the reason I and many more photographers tends to prefer RAW format while shooting and capturing amazing videos as its not compressed and helps the photographer to get awesome pictures every time .

So if you are serious about the drone photography then try shooting in RAW format and you will start loving the quality of images you get and how easy it becomes to edit the image even after a long time period to get perfect clips and cherish the memories for ever. If want some more reason for why you should use Raw format then you can check this amazing source, I found on the internet about RAW photos format to convince yourself to store in RAW format.

5. Shoot In Low ISO Settings

Low ISO catches great recordings with no jitter impact and commotion in the picture. In spite of the fact that it gives great pictures yet I would recommend that keep the light source not too low while in LOW ISO Mode or you won’t get great shots, keep the camera exposure rate at 3-5 sec for catching great pictures with no mutilation or otherwise you would not get great impacts in your picture while shooting with LOW ISO settings.

I hope you liked our collection of some nice drone photography tips for your good quality drone to get amazing photos every time with your awesome consumer drones. Don’t forget to share it with your friends too who might be interested in awesome drone photography tips.