When we understand that sound is nothing but vibrations all around created using crafted instruments or any sensual instrument. It becomes even more compelling for us to compare it with Photography, to be precise a picture.

It is often common that when we listen to a piece of music, there are a lot of characteristics to be understood and the way our brain relates to all unique sounds produced is phenomenal. On a similar note, a picture do has its own appeal. Not every Picture is received the same way, the color composition and the light tends to produce its own music altering our sensory vision.

Photos by Jayanta Roy

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Here we have analyzed the main aspects of Music with that of Photography. It did surprise me when intended to study for this article, the commonness between these two forms of art is intriguing for any person to know more.

A Divine Fusion on Music & Photography - An Interesting Article

#1 Rhythm – Composition

Rhythm seems to take a very important pattern in terms of any music, the patterns or the placement of classic sounds, their placements in between the interludes, categorizing the beats very similar to how a photographer aligns himself with the scene, the way he composes, placing the subject and defining a rhythm inside a picture. Rhythm creates a regular reoccurring motion within the frame, a symmetry formed between a closed space. The Frequency at which everything seems to have aligned in perfection.

A Divine Fusion on Music & Photography - An Interesting Article

#2 Pitch – Vibrations from small things

Music be it either low or high is highly dependent on the Pitch. Based on the vibration caused by the instrument, the size of it proportional to the frequency of vibration, Pitch keeps differing. Similarly in a Photograph, the impact of a smaller object or a large scale object, assuming it to be the prominent subject has its own vibrations within the frame. They tend to affect the picture to a greater extent. One can sense the Vibrations when composed to perfection.

There has to be a delicate balance of maintaining the pitch be it music or photography. Just to ensure the vibrations doesn’t disturb the listener making it a noise.

A Divine Fusion on Music & Photography - An Interesting Article

#3 Dynamics – Loud or Soft

A Music is easy to be recognized, the listener can call it a louder one with heavy metal or a softer tone may it be flute or any string instrument. The term to determine the nature of music, its free flow, the variations is called as Dynamics Arguably similar to the dynamics in photography, a deeper term which makes the viewer travel with the speed of the picture. It may be free flowing or a stagnant one with keeps repelling dreams and thoughts very slowly.

A Divine Fusion on Music & Photography - An Interesting Article

#4 Harmony – Combination of notes relationship between chords

Its the variety, the series of chord or notes produced in accordance to form a brilliant pattern of music. harmony is the relationship between these series of small chords, one after another. Producing a masterpiece a melody or a pathos. Harmony in a picture is easy to identify the various elements within tending to make them prime within the frame. Their characters forming together to produce a masterpiece.

Has to look on a whole when you need to feel the harmony inside a picture.

A Divine Fusion on Music & Photography - An Interesting Article

#5 Tempo – Slow or Rapid

A Simple Italian word, which defines any piece of music. Be it slow or rapid fast it is described by the tempo. The tempo usually keeps still unless or otherwise to be improvised within the mainstream similar to a picture where everything seems to fall in place even before the photographer has pressed the shutter. In fact it might be the tempo of the scene which might have forced to take a picture of.

A Divine Fusion on Music & Photography - An Interesting Article

#6 Texture – Number of Layers

The number of layers one use to compose a masterpiece the way these layers are linked and interconnected, try differentiating one another it would not produce the same strong piece. This is called the texture. It could be monophonic or even polyphonic but would sound different when portioned Same way in a picture, the layers caused by light, other weather components their interactions with each other, light to dark , brightness to stark contrast all this constitutes to a picture. Try Separating them it would not please you.

A Divine Fusion on Music & Photography - An Interesting Article

#7 Instrument (Timbre use) – Differentiate Instruments

And finally few words about the instruments. The Character of music has to be produced by the instrument used. the quality of sound its tone color is referred to as Timbre. A very similar trait to what we can refer to any photograph, the depth of focus, the wide area covered, size of the sensor its impact on the picture. Every lens has its own impact towards the picture.

A Divine Fusion on Music & Photography - An Interesting Article

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