Embark on a photographic odyssey as this skilled artist unveils the five essential steps to capture truly breathtaking landscape photos. The journey begins with meticulous location scouting, emphasizing the pivotal role a stunning backdrop plays in crafting an extraordinary image. Moving seamlessly into the realm of composition, the photographer Mads Peter Iversen shares trade secrets on framing, the rule of thirds, and other techniques that elevate static landscapes into dynamic visual stories.

Epic Landscape Photos Tips

With a keen eye for the interplay of light, the guide illuminates the significance of timing, particularly during the golden hour, as a transformative force in photography. Technical mastery takes center stage as the photographer discusses gear essentials and camera settings, empowering enthusiasts to harness the full potential of their equipment.

Through this enlightening guide, aspiring photographers are not only equipped with practical tools but are also inspired to infuse their work with the artistry that defines truly epic landscape photography.

About the Photographer

My name is Mads Peter Iversen, I live in Denmark, my interest for photography exploded in 2011, and I’ve been working as a full-time landscape photographer since 2016. I am educated schoolteacher with a master’s degree in educational philosophy. After trying out other photography genres, such as headshot photography and commercial videography, I’ve settled on fine art landscape pictures. Besides landscape photography I also run a YouTube channel focused on the educational side of landscape photography. My experience with videography and video editing goes back to 2002.

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