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When It Comes to Hanging Wall Art

How Much Is Too Much When It Comes to Hanging Wall Art?

When it comes to enhancing the appearance of an interior space, nothing beats the simplicity of hanging wall art. All it requires is a bare wall, hooks or command strips, and the art piece that will be displayed. Plus, you have so many types of wall art to choose from.…

Painting 3D Murals by Leon Keer

Artist Leon Keer Transforms Ordinary Buildings Into Mesmerizing 3D Mural Paintings

In the dynamic realm of contemporary art, Dutch maestro Leon Keer emerges as a visionary, transforming mundane structures into spellbinding masterpieces with his distinctive and mesmerizing 3D murals. Possessing a sharp eye for detail and an innovative flair for street art, Keer has solidified his position as a luminary in…

3D Spray Paints By Pierrot

French Street Artist Pierrot Turns Rundown Walls Into Incredible 3D Graffiti Art

French street artist Pierrot, aka Scaf turns rundown walls into incredible 3D graffiti art. This artist turns boring and dull walls into creative street art. Pierrot creates amazing 3D graffiti illusions and they look like they’re about to jump off the wall. If someone didn’t expect to see a dinosaur…

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