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Miniature Action-Packed Scenes Made With Toys By Benedek Lampert

Photographer Benedek Lampert Creates Miniature Action-Packed Scenes Made With Toys

Hungarian toy photographer Benedek Lampert creates miniature action-packed scenes made with toys. Lampert, the talented photographer, is on a creative journey to construct miniature realms from the simplest of settings. Whether it’s a humble kitchen table or a picturesque outdoor locale, Benedek’s passion knows no bounds. The allure of secrets…

Toy Photographer Mitchel Wu Creates A New Toy Story Photo Every Day For A Month

Mitchel Wu is a Toy Photographer based in Los Angeles. He creates and craft stories through toy photography…capturing the illusion of motion and emotion where none exist. Wu, love the movie Toy Story and watched it dozens of times with his daughter as she was growing up. Below are the…

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