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Russian Daily Life Street Photography By Alexander Petrosyan

Photographer Alexander Petrosyan Captures The Fascinating Juxtapositions of Russian Daily Life

Alexander Petrosyan masterfully melds the worlds of contemporary photojournalism and street photography, crafting captivating narratives through his lens. Through his camera, the ordinary lives of everyday Russians transform into extraordinary tales. With an innate talent for noticing the overlooked, Alexander’s photographs are a testament to his keen eye for detail.…

My Personal Best: Russian Street Photographer Denis Dukhovnik

Hello all, my name is Denis Dukhovnik. I live in Domodedovo, Russia. I am originally from Belarus. Mostly I shoot in Moscow, I like this city. My trip to street photography wasn’t that long ago. This is an exciting experience. It has its excitement, interest, and surprise. I like the…

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