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The Surreal Art By Andrew Ferez

Artist Andrew Ferez Creates Surreal And Fantasy Storytelling Art

Russian illustrator and artist Andrew Ferez creates surreal and fantasy storytelling art. Andrew creates imaginative and stunning dream like works are full of symbolism and strange dark narratives. Figures blend with architecture, dragons smoke pipes and giant cathedral typewriters smolder in the distance, we can’t get enough of these fantasy…

Artist Salavat Fidai Re-Created Van Gogh Paintings On Matchboxes

Artist Salavat Fidai Re-Created Van Gogh Paintings On Matchboxes

Russia-based artist Salavat Fidai re-created Van Gogh paintings on matchboxes. Fidai is obsessed with things in miniature, one of Fidai’s favorite painters is the legendary Vincent Van Gogh, so he decided to do a series where he recreated some of Van Gogh’s famous works on matchboxes. Scroll down and inspire…

Artist Randa Haddadin Uses Her Own Thighs As A Canvas And Creates Amazing Ink Drawings

Russian artist Randa Haddadin uses her own thighs as a canvas and creates amazing ink drawings. She draws sublime figures with elegant lines, such as ballerinas, architecture sketches, flowers, animals, and portraits. Randa is known for posting drawings that she has done on her own thighs. Not only is the…

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