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Watching Women Struggling With Giving Birth

Photographer Captured The Emotions Of Men While Watching Women Struggling With Giving Birth

Birth photographer Kirstie Perez captured the emotions of men while watching women struggling with giving birth. Kirstie Perez is a birth photographer based in Dallas, Texas. The photographer captured the emotions of some men who were in the delivery rooms along with their partners. Scroll down and inspire yourself. Please…

Beautiful Pregnant Animals

25 Beautiful Photos Of Pregnant Animals Who Seem To Be Ready To Welcome Their Babies

Here are the 25 beautiful photos of pregnant animals who seem to be ready to welcome their babies. When a woman is pregnant, her body starts to change significantly. Here you can find few photos of different animals in pregnancy time. Here in this gallery, we have posted pregnant animal…

Grand Mothers Project By Anna Radchenko

GRANDmothers: Society’s Pressure On Women To Become Mothers A Project By Anna Radchenko

GRANDmothers continues Anna Radchenko’s body of work encouraging us to ask: “What if?” The project plays with the idea that we will eventually be able to have children later in life, to the extent where even as grandparents we will have the choice to become pregnant. Composed of a set…

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