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The Cutest Character Transformations Ever: AI Imagines 25 Famous Figures As Kittens

Here are the cutest character transformations ever, AI imagines 25 famous figures as kittens. When it comes to imagining our favorite characters in a new light, artists are always coming up with creative ways to transform them. One recent example is the use of artificial intelligence (AI) to turn famous…

AI-generated hearts by Andrejs Pidjass

Digital Artist Andrejs Pidjass Creates Stunning AI-Generated Hearts

Latvia-based Digital Artist Andrejs Pidjass creates stunning AI-generated hearts. Andrejs creates weird, disgusting and beautiful art created using Artificial Intelligence and Adobe Photoshop. He use Mid Journey App to create these stunning art pieces, on top of that he use photoshop to create the final output. Scroll down and inspire…

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