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Light Paintings Photography By Dariustwin

Enchanting Illumination: Darren Pearson’s Mesmerizing Light Painting Photography

Darren Pearson, known by his artistic moniker Dariustwin, stands as a luminary in the realm of light painting photography—a medium that intertwines extended exposure times with the choreography of light sources, birthing images that exude ethereal dynamism. In Pearson’s hands, the canvas of the night becomes a stage for a…

Light Painting Photography by Eric Pare

Photographer Eric Pare Captures Incredible Light Painting Photographs

Canadian visual artist and photographer Eric Pare captures incredible light painting photographs. Eric combines his photography passion, with his lifestyle of practicing yoga and traveling. In 2013, Eric discovered and began practicing light painting photography. Eric mastered the design systems and techniques and pushed the amazing effects boundaries. In his…

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