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Delicate Scenes On Leaves By Lito

Japanese Artist Lito Crafting Delicate & Amazing Scenes On Leaves

Lito, the talented Japanese artist, has turned the fragile beauty of leaves into a canvas for captivating tales. With a meticulous touch that resonates with nature’s delicate intricacy, Lito’s carved leaf artworks showcase an extraordinary blend of patience and precision. Each leaf is handpicked and transformed into a canvas that…

Artist Kanat Nurtazin Creates Marvelous Leaf Cutout Art That Reveals Hidden Stories

Embarking on a journey seven years ago, the project ‘100 Methods of Drawing’ by Kanat Nurtazin explores the fusion of drawing and leaf cut techniques. This collection showcases intricate leaf cutouts artfully placed against live backgrounds, injecting a fresh dimension into the artistic realm. Take, for instance, the whimsical scene…

Artist Omid Asadi Creates Beautiful Leaf Art With Dried Leaves

Artist Omid Asadi Creates Beautiful Leaf Art With Dried Leaves

UK/Manchester based Multidisciplinary artist Omid Asadi creates beautiful leaf art with dried leaves. He uses leaves as base and create amazing creatures. In his words “I always try to create pieces with a message, not just beautiful art. Some of these messages or ideas come from my world view, poems,…

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