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Hidden portals: Paintings By Andrew McIntosh

Artist Andrew McIntosh Creates Surrealistic Paintings Of Hidden Portals

Scottish artist Andrew McIntosh creates surrealistic paintings of hidden portals. Andrew is a self-taught artist and a landscape painter for 8 years before shifting direction to more surreal work. Andrew won the National Open Art Competition in 2014 and was nominated for the John Moores Prize the same year. In…

Artist Yuliya Krishchik Creates Embroidered Art Inspired By Surreal Space Landscapes

Belarus-based artist Yuliya Krishchik creates needle felted and embroidered art inspired by surreal space landscapes. In her words “My first steps in handicraft started in 2011. Experimenting in different areas of textile art and working with textiles,I chose a mixed technique for myself, namely a mix of embroidery and felting.…

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