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Infrared Photography Of Paris By Pierre-Louis Ferrer

Unseen Elegance: Photographer Pierre-Louis Ferrer’s Stunning Infrared Photos Of Paris

Embarking on a mesmerizing visual odyssey, French photographer Pierre-Louis Ferrer presents his exceptional series, ‘Invisible Paris.’ Through the lens of digital infrared technology, Ferrer unveils the iconic and charming European city in a manner that defies conventional perception. Each frame captures Paris in an ethereal light, showcasing a spectral beauty…

A Study Of Experimental Infrared Photography by Roland Kramer

The Strange Series: A Study Of Experimental Infrared Photography by Roland Krämer

At the beginning of March, I started experimenting with infrared photography. I was fascinated by the possibility of creating pictures with waves of light that we cannot see with our own eyes. Infrared light (780nm to 1mm) is electromagnetic radiation that has longer wavelengths than those of our visible light…

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